Date: 20 February 2019
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Venue: Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey

A tremendous yet comprehensive event that involves the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology will be happening live on the 20th of February 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. It will be the largest convention in the region.

The best names of the Blockchain field will be in attendance in the worldwide arena. In attendance of this convention are major investors engaged with the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology, Engineers and of course professionals that are from Turkey.

There will be Professionals coming in from Europe, the Middle East, and even Central Asia. For those wondering what the name tagged to this event is called, it is the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit.

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The major speakers of this convention are listed below:

  • Billionaire investor, Tim Draper
  • Wall Street analyst, Tom Lee
  • President of the Free Republic of Liberland, Vit Jedlicka
  • IOTA co-founder, Serguei Popov
  • Malta’s consultant on the Blockchain technology, Cal Evans, etc.

Istanbul Summit 20-02-2019

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The individuals who will be attending the convention will have the chance to listen in awe as the best professionals in the field of Blockchain create awareness on the most powerful technology and monetary transformation of our century, the 21st century.

Attendees will be left to calculate their chances of taking on investments in the technology and will have a sturdy grasp of the fascinating Blockchain space.  There will be roughly more than five thousand people in attendance.

These attendees will be coming in from about twenty diverse countries just to be a part of this convention, and there will be roughly ten thousand individuals, watching the program live from the comfort of their homes.

Investors, entrepreneurs, experts alike will come together to talk about the present Cryptocurrency market and the plans for the future of Blockchain.

Topics To Be Discussed At This Event

Some of the main topics to be discussed in the convention are;

  • The Future of Payments with Cryptocurrencies: Why do Current Banking Solutions Fail
  • The Board Dialogue: Will States Either Make Peace or Struggle Against Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain?
  • The People vs. Power: Shifting Away from Centralization
  • Bitcoin and the Other Cryptocurrencies: What are the Investors’ Next Step?
  • Understanding Economic Crises; Blockchain-based Economical System and many others.

Reasons To Purchase a Ticket

  • There is a 12% discount for individuals who purchase the ticket via cryptocurrency
  • Individuals will be given the opportunity to have an in-depth knowledge of the Blockchain technology.
  • There are lots of concepts to be gotten on any of your investment plans

The IOTA Co-founder Serguei POPOV 

The IOTA co-founder Serguei POPOV was only recently joined to the compilation of prominent worldwide speakers that will be in attendance of the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit that will be taking place at the Halic, Congress Center coming 20th of February, 2019.

A Professor of Mathematics, Serguei Popov is known also as the co-founder of IOTA. It is one of the vital projects in the area of cryptocurrency and Blockchain invention. Being a consulter of schemes such as the AdHive, Cartesi, KIRIK, and SteX, he found interest in the world of cryptocurrencies back in 2013.

He had an interesting role to play in the creation of IOTA in the year 2015, working alongside David Sønstebø, Dominic Schiener and finally Sergey Ivancheglo.

It is vital that you book your ticket now for the 20th February of 2019 that is taking place at the Haliç Congress Center of Istanbul.

I want to Visit this Event!

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