Blockchain Life Moscow in October 2019

Date: October 16 & 17, 2019
Website: Visit website
Venue: Moscow city, Expocentre

In 2018, Blockchain life gathered about 4500 participants from Russia and around Europe and this year, it is said that Blockchain Life Moscow will gather more than six thousand (6.000) from 70 countries of the world. 

This event brings together professionals and beginners in the blockchain industry; allowing those who are just starting in this industry learn and develop themselves and their businesses. 

Having run for three years, the forum is now recognized as an international platform for the development of hundreds of companies in the blockchain industry, a place where leaders of the blockchain market meet with Government representatives and where partnerships that have influenced the universal development of blockchain has been made.

Attendees of Blockchain Life Moscow 2019

At this event, you’ll come across people of different backgrounds like.

  • World Crypto Industry 
  • Business Owners 
  • Startups 
  • Fund Investors 
  • Cryptocurrency Miners
  • Blockchain Developers 
  • Government officials 


Blockchain life Moscow 2019 has partners from every corner of the Crypto world, they include.

Media Partners 

  • Blockchain Watching
  • Bitcoinist 
  • Bits Media
  • Neironix
  • Crypto Reporter 

Info partners

  • Blockchain Education
  • Kryptovalyuta
  • Bitexpert
  • Bitcrypto news 
  • Coin Gecko 
  • AMB crypto and so on  

Speakers at Blockchain Life Moscow 2019

Some of the amazing speakers to expect at the event include.

  • Roger Ver – CEO
  • Ella Zhang – Head of Binance Labs
  • Aldrich Victorino – International business development, OKEX
  • Martin Kuvandzhiev – Co-Founder of Bitcoin Gold
  • Ivan Tikhonov – Founder of Bits Media

Why You Should Attend Blockchain Life Moscow 2019

With Blockchain Life’s superb line up of more than 70speakers, industry experts and with 600 expected blockchain enthusiasts, beginners and professionals expected, this event is not one to pass up.

Dubbed “The key event in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining in Russia and Europe,” this event holding at the Moscow Expocentre will be an opportunity to network and have constructive conversations on the blockchain. 

Topics to be Discussed

A wide range of topics will be discussed at this event. Some of these topics include.


  1. Blockchain in real Business – New Use Cases
  2. Security in blockchain
  3. Privacy improvements
  4. Tokenization in Real Estate
  5. Advances in Decentralized Identity
  6. The future of Blockchain
  7. Types of blockchain – which one to use?


  • TOP coins of the Q1 2019
  • When to expect the next Crypto Market Bull Run?
  • Future of Stable Coins
  • Trading tips for 2019
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio – what is it in 2019?
  • The impact of institutional investors on the world of cryptocurrency
  • How Bitcoin-ETF will change the market
  • Legal innovations in the cryptocurrency world


  • Global trends of the IEO and STO
  • How to attract funds and large investors in 2019?
  • Future of the ICO
  • Growth Hacking for ICO / IEO / STO
  • How to list on crypto exchanges and not be dumped?


  • The new life of mining in 2019
  • The best locations for mining
  • What mining machines to buy now?
  • Optimization of the mining business
  • The best manufacturers in 2019
  • New ways of profit mining

 To Wrap it Up

With all there is for attendees to benefit from this event, there shouldn’t have to be any more convincing about what you need to be attending Blockchain Life Moscow on October 16 and 17.

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