Date: September 21 & 22, 2019
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Venue: Loews Hotel, Philadelphia, USA

It does not really matter if you are a Blockchain zealot or just a mere beginner, the main thing right now is to locate your way down to Philadelphia in September for nothing else but the Coinvention conference that will be taking place this year

The conference has been scheduled to hold during the last two days of summer, and it is meant to promote as well as boost co-invention in Cryptocurrency technologies.

The organizers of the event believe that the ideal way to bring about advancement in the Cryptocurrency industry will be through large scale meetups such as the Co-invention conference

Furthermore, this conference will be gathering actors in the Blockchain sphere under a distinct roof.

Also, in the spirit of collaboration as well as co-operation, Co-invention will be returning to the historic Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was the same venue where the conference was held last year.

Basically, Co-invention will be offering attendees a special opportunity to easily network with fellow entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and so many others that work in the Blockchain sphere.

About Coinvention 

The opening day of the conference has been scheduled for Friday the 20th of September. All that will be done on the 20th will be a free hackathon and even Meetup. 

This Hackathon will comprise of an explosion of diverse concepts and activities. It will kick start by 2 pm. By 4 pm through 5:30 pm, there will be a keynote speaker to conduct a masterclass that will be exploring the confluence of cannabis, crowdfunding, and Cryptocurrency.

This class will entail how best you can raise capital for cannabis enterprises making use of the latest Reg CF for the regulation of crowdfunding. Once that is done, there will be relaxation time that will occur at the networking mixer slated for 6 pm to 10 pm.

For Saturday the 21st of September, the conference will start up once more with a talk that centers on doing business in Dubai. This will run from 8 am through to 9 am.

As from 9:30 am down to 6 pm, the conference will be filled with lots of demonstrations, discussions, and presentations.

Speakers at Coinvention

Some of the speakers are.

  • Sir John Hargrave of media shower
  • Roe Beadles from Monarch Blockchain company
  • John Kim from the LiteCoin foundation and so many more.

Wrap up

The conference will close with the intriguing Blockchain bash that has been aptly dubbed as Coinvent at the Party. Note that, the hackathon will not really conclude until 22ndof September by 2 pm. You will have lots of time to network.

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