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Date: December 7, 2019
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Venue: Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, Serbia

The upcoming CryptoKonF Conference has been known over time to be the largest business conference to take place in Serbia.

Serbia is situated in the middle of the Balkan peninsula. It is easily accessible from every part of the globe since Belgrade has straight flights to the majority of the capitals in the world.

CryptoKonF is an event that must be attended because it is an opportunity to meet with Blockchain developers, leaders, professionals, and even enthusiasts to share all the recent developments, news and even promote accomplishments in front of a large audience.

The conference will be taking place on the 7thof December 2019, and this means there is still so much time to prepare for it.

Venue Of The Conference

CryptoKonF version 2.0 will be taking place at the faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Serbia. It is actually very close to the bus station, as well as major bridges that connect to New Belgrade and even the highway.

This makes it easily accessible from every direction you will be coming from. Moreover, the conference will take place in the Amphitheatre A1 that is divided into two that entails the main floor and the gallery built one floor above.

This hall will be able to hold over four hundred and fifty attendees. The amphitheater is suitably arranged in a way that those attending will be capable of viewing both slides and speakers.

Topics discussed at CryptoKonf

The conference will touch upon topics from different industries. Some of these industries include.

  • Finance industry
  • Gaming industry
  • Human resources
  • Commerce industry
  • Audit
  • Programming/IT
  • Logistics

Why You Should Attend

There are diverse reasons to attend this conference, and some of these reasons include the best speakers and teachers will be there to enlighten enthusiasts and fans alike about the world of Blockchain. You will be able to have a deeper understanding of how the industry works. It will give you an opportunity to network with other specialists and experts in the industry.

The conference is highly valued by professionals as well as specialists. Also, two side events will take place, as well. They include the Blockchain developer workshop and the Blockchain legal workshop.

Speakers at CryptoKonf

Some of the speakers at the conference include.

  • Fabien  Aufrechter; Head of Blockchain Dept at Havas Group
  • Jonathan Galea; Managing Directory at Blockchain Advisory
  • Daniel Dabek; CEO Balkaneum
  • Aleksandar Matanović; CEO Electronic Currency District
  • Stefania Barbaglio; CEO Cassiopeia Services

Wrap up

Organizers for this event include the Economic faculty of Belgrade, Chamber of commerce and industry of Serbia and so much more. Once again, the event will take place on the 7th of December. You don’t want to miss out on this one. 

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