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Date: September 24-25, 2019
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Venue: Auditorium de Palma, Mallorca

The city of Mallorca in Spain would play host to a prestigious event on the 24th to 25th of September 2019.  The De: central days brings all companies from all industry under a single roof to discuss the way forward for our planet, the event would focus on five talking points which are the Internet of things, Future of mobility, Blockchain technology, Artificial intelligence, and Augmented and virtual reality.  

Important subject experts would preside and speak for areas mentioned above to break the solutions to pending and forthcoming problems in the digital market. This two days’ workshop would host about 1000 participants in a wonderful yet beautiful setting for speeches, discussions and other events. The event would be bringing people, parties, stakeholders, and even relevant government agencies to agree and disagree on the advancement of the digital economy.

Internet of Things

The future of internet-based technology in its glory would be showcased and reborn. At this stage of the 21st century, we can already do so much like voice command and control, now imagine what the future would bring.

Future of Mobility

It is not just enough to produce cars and roads, what is the next step? How do we eradicate traffic completely? Would there be flying cars in ten years? What about logistics and delivery systems? Or the effect of climate on mobility? So many factors come into play with issues concerning mobility and the future.

Blockchain Technology

De:central days presents the platform for presenting blockchain ideas and even learn a thing or two about the channels of production. The problems of the final product and how it can be tackled effectively would be one of the primary focus at the event.

De:Central Days

Artificial Intelligence

There cannot be a discussion on the digital economy without the mention of artificial intelligence or AI, the world has advanced and people want the task to be done by their computers. A washing machine, for example, can only do so much, what if we require more from it? What about visual perception or decision making technology? Or even speech recognition and translation? What is the way forward?

Augmented & Virtual Reality

This area involves not just the entertainment of people but also how we interact with ourselves and our environment. The technology is still growing and we can only hope that it evolves in time for us to see it blossom to its full potential.

To Wrap it Up

The event would play host subject masters from the above areas and more. Taking the podium are Joel Kovshoff, Sanjay Popli, Topp Jirayut Srupsrispa, Juraj Forgacs, Dustin Goodwin, Wannipha Jen Buakaew and so many more others. The workshop would hold at the prestigious auditorium located at the center Passeo Maritimo, with 11 hotels within 5-10 minutes distance. The venue is blessed with two conference rooms, other rooms and unique rooftop with a great view.

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