Date: 23-24 May 2019 – Spring Edition
Website: Visit website
Venue: Msida Skate Park, Msida. MSD2032, Malta

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There is nothing more spectacular than analyzing the recent occurrences in the Blockchain community and spending quality time with other individuals fascinated by the Blockchain technology.

There is an event coming up where crypto fans and investors alike can listen to new ideas and interesting facts that are quite amazing. This event is none other than the Malta AI & Blockchain summit.

Malta AI Blockchain summit will be taking place in Msida Skate Park, Msida. MSD2032, Malta. This incredible yet comprehensive event will be taking place live on two different occasions. The first will run through May 23rd to the 24th.

While the second summit will run through November 7th to the 8th, 2019, after a successful conference in 2018, the organizers have been challenged to organize not just one summit but two within one year.

This summit will comprise of individuals from all over the World who are experts in the field of Blockchain technology. They will be discussing topics surrounding the Blockchain industry.

Speakers Expected At Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

Some of the speakers at the Malta A.I Blockchain summit include:

  • Alexander Borodich
  • Sunil Chhaya
  • Emma Todd
  • Benjamin Griscti
  • Steve Tendon
  • Joseph Muscat
  • Dylan Seychell
  • David Orban
  • Ben Goertzel

I Want to Visit this Event!

Why You Should Attend Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

Asides being a success in the last year’s summit, there are various reasons why Blockchain enthusiasts should not miss out on this wonderful conference. They include;

  • There will be quite a lot of networking opportunities available for individuals fascinated by the Blockchain community. Imagine having a one on one talk with Blockchain experts.
  • The topics to be discussed will not be the normal topics one can find just anywhere. Missing out means missing out on great contents.

This summit will be providing a large space for roughly ten thousand individuals in attendance and a total of four hundred exhibitors. There will also be investors counting to 1500 in number and the professionals in the Blockchain industry.

With such a large number of attendees, the summit will be held in an extra-large venue. It is worthy to note that even the government has approved of this summit. The topics to be discussed will range from;

  • Blockchain technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT), and so much more.

This is a summit that no Blockchain lover should miss out of. It will be a very educative event that has a lot of plans for the Blockchain community. To register, all you have to do is to go to Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.

I Want to Visit this Event!

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