Tech Conference Europe - September 3 and 4 of 2019

Date: September 3-4, 2019
Website: Visit website
Venue: Vienna House Andel’s Prague

It is not enough to just sit in a corner analyzing the current happenings going on in the virtual currency sphere. 

There is a clear difference when you find yourself amid people with a common interest like you, exchanging ideas and carrying out debates about every one of the digital currency trends. 

Also, there is the opportunity to meet with the leading businessmen and technology directors of this token ecosystem generally known and regarded as Blockchain and virtual currency. 

The meeting we are talking about here is the Tech conference Europe that will be happening live in Prague on the 3rd of September 2019, and it will run through the 4th of September 2019. 

This conference will consist of diverse panel discussions concerning all of the latest technologies that have been made available to be utilized and provided by:

  • SMEs
  • Big enterprises
  • Quality networking
  • Technology workshops, etc

Basically, this conference will bring technological enthusiasts from all over Europe for a whole day of networking and learning.

People Attending TCE

The set of people one will likely meet at the Tech Conference Europe (TCE) include.

  • Company representatives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors and everyone are interested and more than curious to know more about the industry. 

Conference Topics

The topics to be discussed in this conference include.

  • Use of artificial intelligence and Blockchain by SMEs
  • Rise of financial technology in Europe
  • Investment opportunities and discussions in Nanotech and Quantum technology
  • Time for virtual reality and augmented reality is now
  • The various uses and benefits of 5g in the internet of things sector and beyond


The conference will be held in partnership with other companies such as.

  • The FinTech buzz
  • CoinPost
  • iBlockTv
  • SmartMoneyMatch
  • Coin Rivet
  • AMB crypto
  • Coin market plus
  • CryptoNewsZ

Conference Speakers

Some of the prominent speakers at the BTC conference include the following.

  • Jaka Repansek
  • Aleksander Kijek
  • Jean-Paul Fabri
  • Martin Stoefler
  • Dushan Spalevich
  • Alexandra Karpova
  • Manel Munoz

These are some of the great minds, founders, and CEOs of big companies and foundations in the blockchain and Cryptocurrency sphere.

To Wrap it Up

This conference will be offering space for industry experts. Individuals should not miss out of this opportunity to rub minds and network with industry leaders. It is an event that will enhance the life of your business. No one should miss out of the Tech Conference Europe as it will be educative and a chance to meet the top shots in the industry.

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