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Date: September 27-28, 2019
Website: Visit website
Venue: Altman Building, Manhattan

World Blockchain Forum (WBF) provides media publicity, roadshow, and fundraising services for blockchain companies and projects around the world.

In a bid to be the world’s largest blockchain resource platform, WBF is committed to holding more than 20 blockchain conferences worldwide each year, and this one holding in Manhattan is the leading blockchain conference in New York.

People Attending WBF

Guests and attendees at the World Blockchain forum in New York will include.

  • Blockchain Investors 
  • Blockchain Practitioners
  • Exhibitors
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Blockchain Developers  

Partners of World Blockchain Forum

The following brands have partnered with the World Blockchain Forum to make this year’s edition memorable.

Strategic Media Partners 

  • Asia Times
  • Bitcoin Chaser
  • Byte Academy
  • Top Market Group 
  • Light Node Media 

Support media Partners

  • CoinPedia
  • Tech Events Online
  • BTC manager 
  • Coin Market Plus
  • Any Coin News
  • Crypto Reporter
  • Bit news today 

Conference Speakers  

Not all of the speakers for WBF 2019 have been confirmed, the list of confirmed speakers includes.

  • Benjamin M Cole – Chair in Entrepreneurship, Fordham Gabelli School of Business
  • Mitchell Dong – Managing Director, Pythagoras Investments Management
  • John D’Agostino– Managing Director, DMS Governance
  • Jeffrey Wernick – Early private investor in Uber and Airbnb 
  • Igor Telyatnikov– President and COO, Alpha Point 

Why you Should Attend WBF

With over 70 keynote speakers, 200 investors and exhibitors from the crypto world, and a thousand and more blockchain practitioners present, this event is definitely going to be a game changer in the New York crypto sphere and beyond.

Topics to be Discussed  


  • Cryptocurrency, Not only for Investment
  • Stable coin in 2019
  • Evolving of Cryptocurrency
  • Panel: Past, Present, and Future

Blockchain Applications in Fintech & Digital Payment

  • Decentralized Settlement Features
  • Panel: Blockchain Applications in Financial Services
  • Blockchain & Fintech Industry Trends
  • How Tokenized Cryptocurrency Influence Financial Industry
  • Panel: The Future of Fintech with Blockchain 

The Fusion of Blockchain & Other Technologies

  • Industry Trends
  • Panel: Blockchain, AI, Big data, and IOT
  • The Influences Across Sectors

The Future of Exchange

  • Changes in Exchanges & the Global Trade
  • Panel: How Blockchain Changes Fundraising
  • Token Economy & Angel Investment
  • Panel: Exploring the Evolution of Exchange

Regulations in Blockchain

  • The perspective of North America
  • The perspective of the European Union/UK
  • Perspective of Asia
  • Panel: The Future of Blockchain Regulation and Legislation

Blockchain Moving Forward

  • How Blockchain technology is Transforming the Economy and the World
  • Panel: Global Blockchain Stability, Growth, and Long-Term Sustainability
  • Panel: How Blockchain Technology Will Impact the Future of Data Privacy, Security, and Ownership

To Wrap it Up

Over the years, the WBF has always brought together the best people from around the world of cryptocurrency and this year; it’s happening again in Manhattan.

Interested in visiting other crypto or blockchain events around the globe? Visit our conference page for more information.


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