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Bitcoin, the first digital currency which was debuted in 2009 is the number one cryptocurrency in the market. This virtual currency allows its users to make payments online anonymously. However, these transactions using Bitcoin are validated by a large network of computers.

How Has Bitcoin Done So Far?

The price of Bitcoin has been fluctuating since its inception and despite the emergence of other cryptocurrencies into the market, quite a number of people are still wary of this coin. Trading is carried out through different ways but the safest being through exchanges.

All traders and investors keep their bitcoins in a wallet. These Bitcoin wallets can be either online wallets or offline (cold storage) wallets. Losing your Wallet ID or code will result in you losing all your assets as there is no other way to retrieve it.

Government bodies of different countries have been trying to shut down the use of Bitcoin or at least regulate it and only a select few, particularly in Asia, have succeeded in this feat. China Particularly has practically succeeded in banning Bitcoin trading and they are on the verge of regulating Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoins volatility is one of the reasons why most traders are cautious about trading based on Market value, Bitcoin comes in first place over the other cryptocurrencies that exist.

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