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Blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This technology was developed at the same time as Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto as the technology behind cryptocurrencies.  Although Blockchain was created for the main purpose of cryptocurrency, its application surpasses that. Blockchain can simply be referred to as a public ledger or record that tracks and records all transactions.

Blockchain is basically a decentralized public ledger that is distributed across a huge network of computers. Data cannot be altered significantly with this technology as it creates data trust. There is also no need for third-parties or intermediaries as all information stored in the Blockchain have gone under the verification process and cannot be altered.

The Significance of Blockchain Technology

This Blockchain technology solves a number of problems such as decentralization, distribution, security, availability, and anonymity and it also prevents users from double spending.

Blockchain technology can be executed in different ways with multiple applications such as the healthcare industry, voting system, school system, intellectual property, ICO, and Smart contracts. Blockchain is majorly used in the financial markets and monetary system through cryptocurrency. Financial institutions are rethinking their practices and looking for ways to implement the use of Blockchain technology into their processes.

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