Cardano Ada Cryptocurrency & Technological Platform

Similar to other Cryptocurrency platforms, Cardano is also a decentralized platform based on the Blockchain technology and powered by its coin; ADA. Basically, ADA is the cryptocurrency that operates on the platform provided by Cardano.

Acting like Ethereum, it is actually a system based on smart contract system and used to operate DApps (decentralized Apps). However, Cardano is a system that has two layers such as;

  • Cardano (ADA) has a layer that operates its ADA exchange
  • It also has another layer that operates smart contracts

The platform is claiming to be the first digital currency that operates on a scientific peer review. This review makes sure it is safe.

Also, the platform; Cardano was built by Charles Hoskinson; a co-founder of Ethereum platform. Cardano’s development is also funded by the input-output Hong Kong.

However, Cardano is the first person to person transaction network that has been created based on theories that have been tested scientifically.

The platform focuses on merging Bitcoin’s transactional properties with that of smart contracts plus the decentralized apps (DApps) of Ethereum platform.

Judging from the publication on Bitcoin Magazine, Charles Hoskinson is working hard to create another language for smart contracts generated by Cardano. He called is Plutus.

It will have stricter contracts that cannot be deleted or changed without the consent of both parties.

The transactional process of Cardano (ADA) works based on smart contracts. Nonetheless, its smart contracts are much more secure than the smart contracts of other digital currencies.

This is because they are layered and enable a reduced amount of tampering with its data immediately they are entered successfully.

Meanwhile, because they are based on Blockchain innovation, the systems will actually be decentralized and not stay with the users that are restricted.

Furthermore, as data or information is stored and contracts are executed, or transactions are performed, they are swiftly kept permanently in Cardano’s ledger.

The ADA Coin

Emurgo; a Japanese organization, and IOHK started the development of the Cardano coin in the year 2015, and its first layer known as Byron was launched in 2017. It is this layer that they have ADA coin

Cardano (ADA) is the cryptocurrency that ignites the platform. The main aim of the coin is to offer fast and secure currency exchanges and enable users to implement diverse, smart contracts and applications without issues.

Meanwhile, the decentralized apps built on the Cardano platform make use of ADA as its currency in the application’s digital community. It also makes use of its smart contract innovation to build a friendly digital economy.

Purchasing And Storing Cardano

Generally, ADA coin is not largely in circulation and so it can be purchased on just a few prominent platforms like Binance, Bittrex, CoinSwitch and some ATMs situated in Japan will soon be established to purchase ADA.

For now, ADA can be stored in the coin’s official Cardano wallet known as Daedalus. With time, it will add some other digital currencies for the sake of storage and also facilitate the exchange between diverse Cryptocurrencies and ADA.

Wrap up

With all these, it will just be a matter of time before Cardano will reach its peak stage. For now, the price is not relatively high and so investing in ADA digital currency platform will be cheap and there will be bigger results to profit from in the coming future.

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