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Currently, most of the available cryptocurrencies cannot provide vital features like fungibility, security, or even privacy at their fundamental code or protocol level.

However, Monero has been created to provide every one of these features, which makes it a viable option to invest in readily. The Monero platform was launched as far back as the year 2014.

It is most times referred to as the world’s first secure, untraceable and private virtual currency today. Others call it the highly confidential Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, Monero was created from nothing and should not be taken as just a mere clone of the core code of Bitcoin. The network utilizes some major tools to cover up the transaction details of users. These tools include.

  • Ring signatures
  • Stealth addresses
  • Ring confidential transactions

They are used to hide details like the receiver, amount, and the sender. On the one hand, Monero network is used for applications that are on the darknet. However, on the other hand, its privacy is important for private security.

The network focuses on being the virtual currency that has cash anonymity and by default, it is private.

This implies that, whenever a person makes use of Monero to purchase an item, the recipient does not have to know anything about the sender or where he got the money from.

Basically, its transaction history actually stays entirely private. Additionally, the platform is open source also. This means that anybody can make use of and easily access the platform free of charge.

One thing to note is that its transparency feature is actually the most prudent asset in its hunt for utmost privacy. For those who are unaware, Monero is actually a hard fork of bytecoin.

As a hard fork, it repaired the coin supply issue and some other problems associated with bytecoin.

Benefits of Monero

Some of the benefits of using Monero includes:

  • With its privacy features, nobody can see exactly how much balance you actually have when they glance at the Blockchain.
  • It makes use of irreversible cryptographic math which aids in securing all the transactions executed on Monero plus the wallets
  • The coins can never be traced back to the Blockchain as a result of its encryption
  • Every node or wallet is equally eligible to validate Monero coins

Buying XMR

The coin associated with Monero is known as XMR, and it can be gotten from some popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as.

Storing Monero (XMR)

There are diverse desktop wallets available for storing XMR, and they have support on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Also, there are light and mobile wallets such as:

  • Cake wallet
  • My Monero
  • Monerujo

However, XMR can also be stored on hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.

To Wrap it Up

Monero is actually rated among the leading decentralized anonymous virtual currencies that are available in the crypto sphere today. It has a powerful development team, plus loyal followers.

As a result of the pressure from taxation authorities and even the government, it is only natural to expect Monero to grow as the virtual currency eco-system continues to expand.

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