OmiseGO - Unbank the Banked with Ethereum

The OmiseGO platform is an extension of the Omise company; an investment supported payment services company. The company was established in the year 2013 by Jun Hasegawa.

Meanwhile, the company functions in South Eastern Asian countries such as;

  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia

Omise debuted the OmiseGO Initial coin offering back in July 2017. The OmiseGO is a distinctly functioning platform that is owned by its members and token holders. It is not owned by the Omise company.

OmiseGO was able to raise $25 million in its inception. Subsequently, the relationship of Omise in the monetary payment industry has given OmiseGO distinct publicity. Moreover, this exposure is something other Cryptos do not have.

Furthermore, Omise powers the payments for diverse top universal companies like McDonald’s.

The Core Business Of Omise

As stated above, Omise built an extension platform known as OmiseGO that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. OmiseGO aims to offer the backbone for the latest decentralized payment network.

In addition to this vision, OmiseGO has gone on to partner with companies such as SBI investment and even Golden Gate Ventures. OmiseGO was established in the year 2017. It was created to leverage Blockchain technology.

OmiseGO basically offers a decentralized exchange, i.e., Blockchain and a payment platform, i.e., the wallet. OmiseGO technology enables peer to peer exchanges and payments.

The platform acts as an agnostic across not only fiat currencies but also decentralized currencies. And so, the basic aim of OmiseGO is to allow monetary inclusions and at the same time disorganize already created financial systems.

Simply put, the platform makes it affordable to transfer and receive payments. Nevertheless, the exchange of currencies is affordable also. It does not matter if an individual wants to exchange the fiat currency or Cryptos.

Therefore, OmiseGO focuses on making monetary transactions more effective, disorganize existing monetary institutions and enables the top-rated currencies to rise high.

What Services Do Omise Have to Offer

In addition to Omise’s online payment platform, it offers tokens known as OmiseGO tokens or OMG token as it is often called. For its users, OmiseGO is centered on providing the unbanned with a solution to their issues.

OmiseGO aids in allowing the system users to transfer, own and receive cash on a clear platform at an affordable price. The currency an individual wishes to transfer does not matter.

Nonetheless, OmiseGO offers to solve the issue that happens between monetary institutions, gateways, and payment processors. According to professionals, this issue is caused by a closed system in the monetary sphere.

In this aspect, individuals pass through the stress of cross-network transactions complexities. Individuals pay large sums of cash as a form of transaction fee when transferring cash.

However, OmiseGO is offering an easy and affordable price for transferring cash between networks, cutting across currency types, assets, countries, and even jurisdictions.

Wrap up

According to the OmiseGO platform, it concentrates on unbanking the banked. Basically, it enables person to person value exchange services. OmiseGO platform produces a large number of transactions that will produce charges. Ultimately, these charges will be further distributed among the platform shareholders.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation, product or service mentioned in this article.

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