BTC Media

BTC Media was established in 2013, and its founder is David Bailey. The company works universally from Nashville, Tennessee.

The company majorly gathers and goes on to distribute information, research, and education that is currently developing the monetary system of the future. Their clients range from technological startups down to fortune 500 financial Titans.

Distributed media has brought in the latest paradigm that disintermediated trusted institutions and builds a new and better way to share and secure our data.

Right from insurance and capital markets, down to healthcare and supply and up to blockchains, they all play a crucial role in resolving issues surrounding data integrity, workflow automation, and interoperability.

Meanwhile, as the first media outlet dedicated solely for virtual currencies, BTC Media has been offering mission crucial intelligence since its inception in 2013 for various companies.

BTC Media majorly gathers, verifies and route the crucial data that today’s decision makers require to evaluate this challenging and developing industry.

Core Business of BTC Media

 Starting with Bitcoin Magazine and yBitcoin, the publications of BTC Media have rapidly increased also to include distributed brands, and an industry focused on event series, print magazine, and website.

Also, another of BTC media’s core business is its Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast network. With the aid of all these platforms and publications, BTC Media has gained thousands if not millions of readers around the world.

The company covers the industry from the basic virtual currency philosophy to the most developed technological problems. BTC Media practically tells the story of organizations and people who bring Blockchain technology to the globe’s legacy industries and the powerful voices behind the next decentralized developments.

What BTC Media has to Offer

From the series of diverse news and data outlets that have emerged from the ever chaotic Cryptocurrency sphere, BTC Media has successfully established itself as the primary media outlet for computerized currency. All of its information concerning the movements of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries since the year 2011 have been accurate.

As to what the company has to offer, BTC Media operates five different brands currently in the Blockchain intelligence sphere. The first brand is the distributed ledger, which centers on:

  • Print media
  • Computerized news
  • Manages diverse events in the blockchain sphere

Additionally, the company also runs Bitcoin magazine, which is among the oldest operating Bitcoin news sources in the whole industry. The magazine focuses on:

  • Cryptocurrency information
  • The latest news
  • Commentaries on the Bitcoin ecosystem

Wrap up

As a result of primer articles centering on beginning with virtual currencies, technical missives on all the current regulations, major points from a leader in the ecosystem and comprehensive features detailing where the next technology will emerge from, BTC Media is not just for entertainment purposes as it informs a highly dedicated audience of Cryptocurrency users.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation, product or service mentioned in this article.

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