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Chainalysis is a company that was established when the founders noticed that businesses clearly needed an automated means to easily assess risks of money laundering for them to meet not just regulatory demands but also to maintain a strong bond with major stakeholders.

Chainalysis KYT is practically the virtual currency transaction tracking solution that meets every one of these business demands. Its intuitive interface has been structured with AML: Anti-money laundering compliance workflow.

About Chainalysis

Chainalysis is rated among the fastest increasing companies in the virtual currency sphere. Their Cryptocurrency investigation and compliance software are actively utilized by the globe’s leading agencies, regulators as well as businesses to tackle:

  • Fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Human trafficking
  • Other illegal activity that involves digital currencies

Chainalysis is rated among the fastest increasing companies in the digital currency sphere.

Chainalysis has its offices in London, New York, Washington DC, and Copenhagen. The company is supported by Benchmark, Accel and some other top names in venture capital. Note that the sole mission of Chainalysis is to establish trust in Blockchains. Last but not least, Chainalysis was founded on the first of October, 2014 by Jonathan Levin, Michael Gronager, and Jan Moller. See the video below for more information on Chainalysis.

Well Established Partners of Chainalysis

The Chainalysis company has some already established and highly placed partners interested in its offerings. Some of its partners include.

Core Business Of Chainalysis

The major business of Chainalysis is designing and developing anti-money laundering software for business linked with Bitcoin. Some of its products include Reactor: it is an investigation and interactive tool that swiftly identifies offenders, aids in visualizing data, and gives the result of its findings to organizations and people.

Chainalysis provides activity tracking reports, due diligence instruments as well as cyber threats from the deep web for monetary institutions.

What Does Chainalysis Have To Offer?

As a company deeply involved in the verification of Bitcoin extortion payments executed by victims to criminals, the company offers an investigation software known as the reactor.

Should a person have a random note that holds a virtual currency address or a plain text that comprises of virtual currency references, all that is needed to do is to paste it on the reactor and, it will instantaneously find the linked digital currency wallets.

For transparent evidence, the users simply need to document their investigation process in the reactor to provide a very clear record of findings. Some evidence from Chainalysis has even been used in the court of law internationally.

The company also has a KYT compliance software suite, which is the only real-time transaction tracking solution for digital currencies. This KYT brings about real-time alerts on both outgoing and incoming transactions for connections to prospective suspicious activities.

Wrap up

Initially, Chainalysis began with monitoring Bitcoin transactions and verifying the owners of the diverse digital wallets. Subsequently, it gradually expanded into monitoring other virtual currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and LiteCoin as well as stable coins such as Paxos. Chainalysis is best known for its successful investigation into the famous Mt.Gox hack.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation, product or service mentioned in this article.

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