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The prominently known Civic company  is a decentralized identity community that enables the request to validate the identity of users safely. It is also cost-effective.

Civic makes use of prominent blockchain technology. With the computerized identification platform, users are able to create their very own digital identity and keep it safely with sensitive information on a device.

Furthermore, Civic has managed to build an ecosystem that is structured to facilitate safe and highly affordable access to services, and validate the IDV, Identity of the individual via the Blockchain.

The CEO and co-founder of Civic is none other than Vinny Lingham, he is a serial entrepreneur and has more than ten years of e-commerce experience.

Core Business of Civic

The civic company majorly enables on-demand, protected and affordable cost access to identity validation through the blockchain.

With Civic, personal information and background verification check with not need to be carried out from scratch whenever a new institution or an application demands for one. The core business of Civic is in its identification verification.

The company has an active identity verification product that is readily available all over the globe. The company envisions a protected, affordable and much more efficient verification technique for both industries and individuals all over the world.

Civic has managed to build an ecosystem that is structured to facilitate safe and highly affordable access to services.

Additionally, Civic is allowing organizations to cross-check the personal identity data of individuals on the Blockchain without the need to ask them to provide the exact same data twice. See also the short video below for more information about Civics’ services.

Well Established Partners of Civic

Civic has lots of partners in the cryptocurrency sphere and some of their well-established partners include.

  • Ox
  • Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • TokenMarket
  • Hilo
  • Shapeshift

The company has also been capable of enlisting lots of ICO projects that need to run the KYC before trading their tokens.

What does Civic have to Offer?

Asides from making the identification verification process easier than the outdated style been used by some organizations, the Civic Company is also offering its very own Cryptocurrency coin to its users.

This digital coin is known as CVC which is a token based on the Blockchain of Ethereum. It will be used by service providers to gain data about each user. Thus, organizations will use the token as a payment means.

CVC tokens will be actively used in performing transactions in services linked with IDV; identification of the individual. The more CVC is used, the more the worth of the token increases.

The token was priced at $0.327973 as at June 2018 while its coin market capitalization as of June 1st was at $110, 41 million.

Wrap up

As a result of the Civic Company, personal identity information and re-usable KYC will be able to streamline identity validation for any vital service. Also, service providers will not have to expend all efforts and money just to verify the identity of users.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation, product or service mentioned in this article.

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