Digital Currency Group

The prominent Digital Currency Group, also known as DCG, is a venture capital company that focuses majorly on the cryptocurrency market. It is situated in New York City and was launched in 2015.

The founder of Digital Currency Group is Barry Silbert who had formerly established a company known as Second Market Inc. Barry started investing in Bitcoin companies as far back as 2013 as an angel investor. He was responsible for providing funds for most of the early startup companies

Digital Currency Group comprises of a team of people who are highly passionate in their belief in not only Bitcoin but the blockchain technology in general. They believe that the Cryptocurrency sphere will drive not just social change but global economic change also

With this in mind, DCG has a special model that allows them to deploy some of its best resources in building both the Blockchain and Bitcoin community.

Core Business of Digital Currency Group

The main business of Digital Currency Group is to build and back up both Bitcoin and Blockchain companies through leveraging their network, insights and overall access to capital.

Digital Currency Group is a highly active seed investor in the virtual currency industry with more than a hundred investments in roughly thirty countries.

Additionally, DCG is the owner and operator of the prominent CoinDesk which is the leading events and media platform in the Blockchain sphere. Also, DCG owns Genesis trading which is the industry’s top Bitcoin brokerage firm and not to forget Grayscale investments which as well is the biggest virtual currency asset management firm.

Furthermore, the company creates, backs up and invest in blockchain and computerized asset companies universally as its mission is to drive a positive social and global economic change via its investments.

Digital Currency Group has so many portfolio companies and one would find so many prominent names such as.

  • Kraken
  • CoinBase
  • Xapo
  • Ripple
  • ShapeShift
  • Circle
  • BitPay

The strategy of DCG is not to make huge initial investments in their portfolio companies or even taking board seats.

Rather than that, their strategy is to position various but smaller bets in the Cryptocurrency industry by spreading all of their investments all over diverse companies.

What Product does DCG have to Offer

As mentioned earlier, DCG creates service businesses in a bid to fill up vital gaps in the already existing market infrastructure. The company incubates, creates and runs businesses that offer diverse expert and monetary services to corporations, startups, and monetary institutions. The products they have to offer the world include.


CoinDesk is a research, media and events business which operates the biggest Blockchain and Bitcoin conference consensus.

Genesis Trading

This is a complete service, an institutional trading firm that focuses on cryptocurrencies and providing liquidity that is two-sided every day for both sellers and buyers

Grayscale Investment

This is the biggest computerized currency asset management firm and it is the manager of about eight products including the first Bitcoin investment vehicle that was traded publicly which is known as Bitcoin investment trust.

Wrap up

It is vital to note that DCG is not a fund but a strategic investor that is supporting as well as building the biggest early-stage investment portfolio in the virtual currency and Blockchain community.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation, product or service mentioned in this article.

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