Price Analysis - Bitcoin Cash Increases by 133

The cryptocurrency market has been favorable this holiday season as a number of coins have grown by double digits. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has become the biggest gainer this week as the cryptocurrency growth was 133.93% over the past seven days.

coins like Bitcoin SV did not really climb up the ladder this week as it maintained its position at ninth place.

CoinMarketCap reported that BCH is of a value of $188 right now with a market cap of $3 billion. This coin has taken the fourth position after climbing the top 10 cryptocurrencies list. Over the past hour, however, the coin is slipping slowly by 0.57% after its growth of 9.12% over the day.

Reports from Upbit show a maximum trading volume of $155 million in terms of trading volume with the BCH/KRW pair.  Huobi followed Upbit to register a volume of $151 million on the pair of BCH/USDT. Binance came in third place on the BCHABC/USDT pair with $132 million.

Where Bitcoin SV Stands

Bitcoin SV has its value at $103.49 with a market cap of $1.7 billion. On December 20th, the coin had a fast hike when it moved to eight positions but it soon returned to the ninth position after. Upbit registered $83 million as the maximum trading volume for BSV on the BSV/KRW pair

Binance followed Upbit to get the second and third position. Binance registered with BCHSV/USDT a trading volume of $78 million. In the third position, Binance registered with BCHSV/BTC pair a trading volume of $46 million.

The Introduction of Bitcoin Library

Users of Moneybutton have recently been informed of the release of a JavaScript Bitcoin Library for Bitcoin SV. This company which is led by Ryan X Charles stated that the new product is a library for cryptography, transaction building, and key management for Bitcoin SV.

The circular from the company stated that bitcore-lib-cash which is a fork of bitcore-lib is the basis of bsv. The company stated that due to the fact that BitPay does not maintain a JavaScript library for Bitcoin SV, they decided to maintain the library by themselves for the community of Bitcoin SV users.

This growth of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV show that there might just be hope for the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

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