Russia to Launch a New Bitcoin ATM Tracker Site

A new website has been launched in Russia that shows a map of different cryptocurrency points of sale and teller machines. Currently, the platform gives you information on bitcoin ATM locations around the city of Moscow. However, its developers have plans to make it a global trend.

Introducing the Cryptocoinmap Platform

The Cryptocoinmap platform has some similarities to the well-known bitcoin ATM tracker platform known as Coinatmradar. Though it is a new platform, there’s still room for improvements on the already existing features it has.

Cryptocoinmap was developed by two Russian companies, Sova.rf and Nanobit, which have already stated their intentions towards the continuous development of the platform.

Currently, the platform displays numerous locations in the Russian capital where fans of cryptocurrency can easily trade fiat currencies with digital currencies. Out of these locations, six are bitcoin ATMs, where visitors and residents of Moscow can trade cryptocurrencies, while one is an exchange that buys and sells virtual currencies. On the website, you can find information about their business hours, phone numbers, and addresses, and even photos of their environment.

At all points of sale, you can get major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. The platform also displays the exchange rates in a variety of currencies like Kazakhstani tenge, Indian Rupee, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, British pound, the US dollar, and the Russian ruble.

The cryptocoinmap platform also lists all the supported coins with their various prices in fiat which are gotten from core local and global digital currency exchanges like Yobit, Livecoin, Exmo, Cex, Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Coinbase. Also, the platform provides graphs of yearly, weekly, and daily price movements just beside the price figures.

Plans for the Development of the Cryptocoinmap Platform

According to representatives of the companies responsible for building the platform, they will only include new change bureaus and ATMs that function within the law.

They also mention that businesses applying to get listed on the Cryptocoinmap platform must present proof of not owing to any government tax and also provide documents to show their financial viability.

At the moment, the Cryptocoinmap website only displays seven locations within the Russian capital. However, Sova.rf and Nanobit are looking to expand its coverage to include more than 100 regions around the globe. Also, the bodies promised to include 200 locations into the platform by the time the first quarter of 2019 ends.

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