CEO TRON Justin Sun Provides Reduced Costs of Blockchain Cuties

Justin Sun of Tron has made the entire cryptocurrency community excited with 50% discount on the Foundations’ official cuties on the last day of the presale. This presale period is ending with a splash with this discount that Sun is offering the community. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can only get these amazing cuties on this Tron’s presale, so they need to grasp this limited offer before it expires.

The cutie’s unique feature is the particular genome which is likely to unlock unusual characteristics and genes.

The customers who purchase the blockchain cuties at the period of presale will get them at the end of the year when the Tron blockchain will be debuted in Blockchain Cuties. A Tron based wallet called TronLink has to be installed by the user from Chrome Webstore. This wallet helps store and get hold of the cuties.

For the cuties that need to be prepared for dangerous adventures involvement, the World of Blockchain Cuties is a very secure place for these cuties. This safe place is essential as its only well-equipped cuties that can protect themselves from getting knocked out.

Brief Overview of the Blockchain Cuties Available on Presale.

There are different types of cuties available on presale and here is a brief overview of a couple of them. The cuties provided by Tron’s Justin Sun include a formal outfitted cutie which is followed by a full hazard suited cutie which has only 20 available as it is a limited edition cutie.

The next cutie up for grabs is the Tron Monk, and there are only 75 of these unique monks available for the customers. The Tron monk is referred to as the Iron Tron master.

Up next is the Bear-o-Bull cutie which is an entity of mythological genesis and the legendary fairy dragon which has a pure heart. There are only 50 of these dragon editions available for customers for this presale event.

The Hackerdog cutie is IT-based, and it steps into the cutie world or universe by hacking. The Hackerdog has adapting features as users can learn new things and climb levels at a fast pace.

The last cuties available are the two Tron mascot known as LilTronbeaury and Tronbeaury. It is vital that users in the crypto community jump at these limited offers available on the last day of the presale of the Blockchain cuties.

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