Crypto token partnership juventus and socios

According to reports published by one of the leading media outlets in Italy, PR Newsswire, it was revealed that Seria A club Juventus is set to launch its own cryptocurrency “fan token”.

Partnership With

This announcement is the product of a partnership that the Italian league champions entered with, a blockchain based engagement platform for fans. According to sources from the club, the cryptocurrency is set to be called the “Juventus Official Fan Token” and will be launched possibly in the first quarter of next year. This announcement is coming just two weeks after French league champions Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) made the same announcement.

Just like their French counterparts PSG, this Italian top football club seeks to use this tradeable asset specifically for fan polling and voting. Also, this team seeks to bank on the Socios platform just as PSG planned when they made the announcement earlier this month.

With a fan base of over 340 million fans worldwide, this team is the top ranking side in Italy and it seats as the second team with the highest fan base in the world.

While speaking to newsmen, Giorgio Ricci, head of the global cooperate revenues and partnerships at Juventus, stated, they are always proactive and careful towards the use of new technologies and innovations. Ricci went further to add that, they believe that together with the Socios platform, they will be able to offer new opportunities to their fans worldwide, and to enable them to engage in a cutting-edge way with their favorite team.

Sports Companies And Blockchain Integration

The year 2018 is one with several reports and announcements of top-football clubs in Europe sealing deals and entering into several partnerships for not just the advertising but also the integration of the blockchain technology in the development of their team’s future strategy. One of these deals is that with the eToro platform, but the details and how this deal is set to be completed has remained a mystery.

The platform CEO Alexandre Dreyfus has always maintained a stand that cryptocurrencies are the future of the world that they are capable of offering profits to certain industries. Dreyfus earlier this year has predicted that the platform’s partnership with these sports companies and top-football clubs in Europe, it is capable of injecting over $300 million into the sports industry in the next couple of years.

While we wait for details concerning the tradeability of the Juventus Official Fan Token, we are sure that it will not only bring profits for the club but will also offer fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite club.

The Paris Saint-Germain fan token according to the announcement will be traded only for the Socio platform’sZ (CHZ) token on the platform’s in-built marketplace. We will have to wait for a couple of months to find out if the Juventus Official fan token will only be traded for the CHZ token just like that of the French side and how the token will fare if it is to be traded publicly.

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