Crypto Price Tracker Poses Malware Threat for Mac Systems

It has been reported that a new application which focuses on cryptocurrency seems to be downloading and install two additional applications or backdoors on Mac product. This report was given by Malwarebytes. This app is said to be achieving this by downloading at least two different types of malware and installing them on the system. This malware includes the EvilOSX and Eggshell. These two malware applications can be described as applications which are used by people to steal important information or execute a certain illegal command on the computer. The head of Malwarebytes thinks that this malware might have been created with the sole purpose of stealing keys that are stored on the cryptocurrency database.

The application which is being used to do this Cointicker is seen and recognized as a valid and legitimate application. This program is used to ensure that the right price of a cryptocurrency is being presented whenever a sale is about to be made or when a request has been logged to know the current prices of the cryptocurrencies. Cointicker would allow its users to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Zcash and so many others when registered on the app successfully. However, the sad part about this application is the downloading of the two malware into your computer system.

the two malwares have the ability to steal coins which are owned by individuals.

However, this malware is unlikely to show direct effects on your computer due to the fact that Cointicker itself is an application which does not require rooting to work successfully. There is an ongoing debate as to whether the producers of the application are also allowing the downloading and installation of the two malware intentionally or if they are in the dark about it. However, one thing that is sure that the two malware has the ability to steal coins which are owned by individuals and kept on their wallet.

Many people have also pointed at the fact that the spread of the malware has been successful due to the fact that it is actually attached to an app which has access to all cryptocurrency wallets of persons who are making use of the applications. Therefore, for most people, this theory and thinking seem to be the right one.

It is best to avoid using the app to do any dealings with cryptocurrencies. Any dealing with Cointicker is really done at your own peril.

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