SIM Swapping is Becoming a Big Issue in California

The REACT Task Force whose duty is to protect the citizens of California against all types of cybercrimes has issued an interview where it was acknowledged that one of the growing problems or issues facing cybercrime in California is the sim swapping issues. The interview explained that most of the sim cards were brought from eBay and has been used by various fraudsters specialized in crypto theft to ensure that they are not caught when they are in the process of stealing millions of cryptocurrencies.

Sim swapping simply refers to the process of using a service provider such as T-Mobile and then buying a burner phone. The act is completed when the victim’s phone number is transferred into the burner phone with all his details. All that needs to be done to steal millions of dollars is just for that individual to make a single call to the right sources. Most sources which have investigated this act has admitted that it remains one of the easiest things someone can do to commit theft and that remains the sole reason why it keeps on gaining popularity. This sim swapping is also the cause of many cases of phone hijacking in the US in recent times.


Right there in California, the Taskforce has recognized that most people who intend to commit theft are finding it easier to achieve do it through the sim swapping method. It was even asserted that there may be a poor victim out there right now who is being dealt with as a result of sim swapping. While acknowledging that it is probably a widespread disease, they also said that this sim swapping operation was only being done by a small number of persons.

It is believed that once the hackers or thieves gained knowledge of the phone number which you sue, they would attempt to make sure that the phone number is used to reset the individual’s password. This is done to ensure that breaking into their account is now a simple formality. It was also suggested that there is not just a single method at which sim swapping could be done and completed. It is even suggested that those work at Telecommunications Company are even part of the whole theft as it remains one of the easiest ways to make money in California and about the US.

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