Director of Verge (XVG) - The Origin of Cryptocurrency

Brandon Simons who is the Technical Director of Verge (XVG) has opened up on the Origin of cryptocurrency as well as his involvement with its early marketing and development in a post on his medium page.

Brandon who goes by the sobriquet CryptoRekt on the internet revealed on his page that his cryptocurrency interest began in October 2009 which was the year he discovered Bitcoin. He extensively mined Bitcoin for two years after his discovery.

He revealed that he lost thousands of BTC during the hard disk crash that happened in 2011. After this crash, he became a regular on the cryptocurrency forum on Reddit which was a type of support group for people who were affected by the crash.

It was during this period that he became involved with DogeCoinDark (DOGED) which was a privacy coin project. This project will rebrand later as Verge (XVG).

The Origin of DOGED

DOGED started from a team of over 120 active users in an IRC room, and it slowly built out its vision and grew. Simmons revealed that the marketing of Verge, in the beginning, included mentions on Radio Crypto and social media ‘shilling’.

Within the Cryptocurrency space, Verge remained obscure for quite a while until Black paper which was the project’s whitepaper was released in June 2017. Right after the whitepaper release, Brandon Simons started putting a distributed global team together to work on supporting and promoting Verge on a relatively pro-bono basis as the project practically lacked resources compared to other ICOs at that time.

According to him, these group of people who are now referred to as the Verge Core Marketing team has grown to a total of about 40.

On his medium page, Simons went ahead to explain the importance of Verge to his person. He stated the fact that the Verge community and team are a group of passionate individuals who want to see the project succeed. He stated that the project which is decentralized is very special to him as it represents freedom.

He continued stating that the freedom of Verge is one which will aid in creating and shaping something substantial that will provide a means of sustenance for people so they can retain their personal lives with no worry of sacrificing basic human rights such as freedom to perform transactions, privacy, and others.

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