Cryptojacking Malware - Adobe Flash Updates

A new malware has recently been found by researchers which have the ability to keep it concealed by mimicking adobe flashes. This new malware was recently discovered by researchers who made a report about their findings on the 11th of October. The malware focuses on crypto jacking.

Crypto Jacking simply refers to the mining of cryptocurrencies through the use of a computer and it’s processing unit. This is all done without the approval of the owner or owners of the cryptocurrency, which makes it illegal

This is all done without the approval of the owner or owners of the cryptocurrency, which makes it illegal.

Research which is being made by the Palo Alto networks suggests that what this malware does is to infect a computer and makes it do it’s bidding. It’s bidding is for it to force all computer system to mine the Monero bitcoin without the approval of its owners

Successful update

Researchers believe that this malware is especially harmful and deceptive in it looks. For example, the malware makes it look like you are updating your adobe to it’s latest flash. Actually, it does the update successfully. This is what makes this malware really dangerous and difficult to spot. This is according to Brad Duncan who is a researcher from Unit 40. He believes that most users would not really notice any difference with what they are seeing due to the fact that it seems like they just updated their adobe.

This was all discovered when trying to search for news about the fake flash updates which were trending. The reach unit 42 is responsible for this finding. To get their malware figured out, they mostly make use of autofocus to check for samples.


Most times, coin miners would usually do most of their work while using a Coinhive. This simply refers to a program which is Java scripted in nature which has been provided by Monero for the mining of coins. This malware is reported not to just have arisen but is beloved to have been in existence since August this year.

This is believed to be the reason why India had recently experienced one of the highest infestations on Coinhive in their history. When looking at the general picture, Brazil is deemed to be the highest when it came to malware attacks followed closely by India and Indonesia.

It is believed that in recent time or rather this year alone, the number of malware attacks has risen by over 500%. When it comes to Monero alone, it is believed that about 5% of all coins which are mined are gotten through the use of malware.

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