Fast-Food Chain Church’s Chicken Now Accepts Dash as Payment

According to an official announcement made on Facebook on December 12th, American fast-food chain Church’s Chicken Venezuela locations has started accepting cryptocurrency payments in the form of DASH. Dash News reiterated this announcement by stating that the Dash currency is accepted in all of Church’s Chicken 10 Venezuela restaurant location.

The first transaction using Dash as a form of payment was completed at Church’s Chicken and Dash uploaded a video of this occasion on its official YouTube Channel. As a result of this new development, Church’s Chicken claims to be the first fast food restaurant chain in the world to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The Controversy Surrounding The Announcement

This Church’s Chicken announcement follows some confusion concerning Dash’s acceptance at major Venezuelan fast food vendors. The PR and media director at DashNews, Mark Mason, posted a tweet on Dec 7th stating that the KFC Venezuela location would start accepting Dash as a form of payment in the upcoming week.

KFC later denied this news saying that no news publication has published any authorized article about handling payments with Dash and that the Dash payment process is not a fact.

Venezuela has become the second largest market for the Dash cryptocurrency.

The Dash Merchant in Venezuela didn’t take much time to post a public apology on its Twitter account stating that the statement was premature on their part. The report also stated that it reflected their optimism towards Dash’s acceptance rather than the stage of discussion they are with KFC Venezuela currently. However, KFC and Dash both confirmed that they are in the discussion stages and negotiations are being made concerning the possibility of payments using cryptocurrency.

AT the beginning of the year, KFC Canada performed a PR stunt where they offered their customers a “Bitcoin Bucket” of fried chicken. This chicken could only be purchased using Bitcoin, and they (KFC) announced this promotion in a promotional tweet.  The tweet stated that they (KFC Canada) do not know what exactly Bitcoins are and how they work, but Bitcoin shouldn’t come between their customers and KFC’s good chicken.

Ryan stated that over a hundred merchants are accepting the use of the cryptocurrency every week. This acceptance shows that good things are coming for the Dash cryptocurrency in the future if more vendors and merchant continue to accept its use.

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