Routers Cracked by Crypto Jacking Software

In India, the number of routers that have been compromised is reported to have doubled with the figures reaching nearly 30,000.


According to current reports by Banbreach, which is a security company in India, in the last 30 days, there has been a 100% increase in figures with respect to routers who have been compromised. According to the report that was released, crypto jacking software was used by hackers to crack more than 30,000 routers in India.

Banbreach found a way to monitor all traffic on the internet and also track all devices which used public IP addresses to access the internet. This helped them to analyze the traffic that passed through the routers.

While carrying out its research, the security company in India, Banbreach, took the areas of India and had them populated into three distinct categories. The categories were ranked from the areas that were more densely populated to the areas that were least densely populated. The report released by Banbreach showed that about 45% of the routers that got compromised by hackers are located in the areas of India where the population was the least dense. Further reports from Banbreach also revealed that there has been about 500% growth in the number of routers compromised in three cities that topped the list.

There has been about 500% growth in the number of routers compromised in three cities that topped the list.

CoinHive has been employed by many charities and the fact that it is liked by a lot of analogues shows that it is not a malicious code in itself. However, CoinHive has become notorious for being used by hackers to maliciously mine cryptocurrency on the computer devices of web surfers or also for crypto jacking. The code of CoinHive is designed in such a way that it uses a browser’s computing power in part or as a whole to carry out the mining of altcoin Monero [XMR].

Similar Cases

A similar research that was conducted seems to suggest that on the whole, the compromised machines that were CoinHive infected have an aggregate XMR output of more than $250,000 monthly.

It is reported by some other security professionals that the same case was found in the routers of their ISPs some days back. It is highly probable that the routers offered by their Internet Service Providers are not only infected but also obsolete.

Last month, the official sites of the Government of India were reported to be at risk as they have now become highly targeted by crypto jackers, especially since over 119 websites of the Indian Government are operated on CoinHive code. According to a report, the number of home routers which have been compromised by crypto jacking numbers above 13,500. Brazil is the only country with a higher figure in the world.

In June, a research study was conducted and the findings of the study revealed that the cryptocurrencies which are now malware targets are those which are monopolized by XMR. As at when the report was released, about 5% of the aggregate XMR being circulated (about 175 million dollars worth of Monero) had already been illicitly mined.

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