NYSE Chairman - Digital Currencies Will Survive

Jeffrey Sprecher who is popularly known as the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange is of the opinion that the cryptocurrencies as a group of assets would surely survive for many years to come.

Jeffrey Sprecher who is also the head and CEO of ICE which is popularly known as the Intercontinental Exchange was present at the Consensus Invest conference. There, he discussed several things before he mentioned that earlier had seen headlines making the news which questioned the ability of the digital currencies to survive in the long run. He quickly asserted that the answer to that question is an emphatic yes.

During this conference, the CEO was in the company of his wife and fellow CEO of Bakkt which is also a cryptocurrency platform in the person of Kelly Loeffler. It is to be remembered that ICE are currently the owners of the cryptocurrency platform and it is anticipated that it would be fully launched at the beginning of next year.


Kelly explained that the bitcoin futures which would be launched from the first quarter of next year would be a source of trust for most traders of the bitcoin as it would be coming from a trusted source. This is coming at a time where the bitcoin is still subjected to varying prices due to the fact that it is still traded at places where the prices are unregulated.

When it comes to regulation of the bitcoin, it is to be remembered that ICE has taken steps to partner with other corporations such as Blockstream with the sole aim of making the price of bitcoin more regularly especially among the investors of Wall Street. Subsequently, it is believed that ICE would be looking to get a database which would be based on stock exchanges around the world. This database would then be given to other big corporations and names. These would no doubt include some professional trading firms.

It is also important to point out that ICE has earlier in May announced that plans were ongoing which would allow several traders to form contracts. It is believed that these contracts would eventually lead to these traders owning portions of bitcoins. Clearly, the further investments which they are putting into place for the future show their unwavering belief that the various digital currencies would remain for a long time to come.

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