Tron Strikes Major Deal with Baidu

TRON and its team have been able to strike up a deal or partnership with Baidu which happens to be the largest internet service provider for China. This was allegedly claimed by Coinness who claimed they have been informed by their highly ranked source.

However, there has been no confirmation at the time from either TRON or Baidu. Coinness has gone as far to claim that more details of the deal would be told to the general public next well through the cloud service that Baidu uses. However, they did not reveal any details that are specific to the deal.

While this report has come from Coinness exclusively, there has nothing that suggests the news is true or false yet as TRON is yet to make an official statement on its platform neither have they said they would be expecting a new partnership with Baidu soon. However, it can be recalled that the CEO of TRON Justin Sun in a tweet gives several clues that the crypto company is expected to sign a deal with a giant in the industry. He also hinted that this deal would be worth tens of billions of dollars.

He also hinted that this deal would be worth tens of billions of dollars.

TRON as a corporation was first opened for business in 2017 and their protocol which is open source in nature was launched later that year too. Their headquarters can be seen in two locations. One of those headquarters is located in Beijing China while the other one is located at San Francisco USA. They have employees who are highly skilled and have represented many big corporations in the past. This corporation also includes Baidu their new alleged partner.

You can recall that earlier, TRON has announced to the general public specific details with their agreement with the BitTorrent company which they partnered with. Their agreement which was nicknamed Atlas would reward all users who seed bit torrent files through the TRON cryptocurrency.

Due to China’s new stance on how cryptocurrency should be handled, Baidu has seemingly complied with the new anti crypto rules which are now in place. For example, they have ensured that all forums which talk about crypto and all the news associated with it have been shut down until further notice. However, they have also gone further to release a white paper showcasing their blockchain and stating how they hope to create a super chain network in the future.

TRON founded their own chain independent of the Ethereum on June 25 and continued to hold independence celebrations on that day. They are at the moment 11th at the current market valuations. TRON has faced a lot of lows this year even recording a year low of about $0.217.

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