Trump Employs Bitcoin Fanatic, Mick Mulvaney

The President of the United States Of America; President Donald Trump has employed the famous supporter of Bitcoin Mick Mulvaney to be the current Chief of Staff of the White House.

While Donald Trump may be one of the hardest-headed people in the Universe, this move is highly beneficial to the cryptocurrency establishment, whether you love or hate the President of the United States.

It is actually profitable for the cryptocurrency industry to have an important and major Bitcoin campaigner buzzing into the ears of the American President about how intriguing the cryptocurrency world actually is.

Ignoring the fact that Donald Trump might not top the list of the humblest people existing in the Universe today, he most undeniably enjoys making money. Who doesn’t?

Crypto-fanatics all over the World sees his appointment of Mick Mulvaney to the White House as an incredible blessing for cryptocurrency.

Mick Mulvaney is a big cryptocurrency supporter as well as a fan. While he was formerly working at the House of Representatives; Mick Mulvaney, who is actually a Republican from South Carolina, was one of the few persons who worked in an effort to build the Blockchain coalition. This coalition comprises a group of lawmakers who write and form current laws for upcoming technologies such as cryptocurrency.

His knowledge of the inner-operations of blockchain and crypto in totality is intriguing. He aided the lawmakers to draft two of the latest legislative acts that back the growth and advancement of the blockchain establishment. The exciting proposals were drafted to aid the rise in the growth and support of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, the House Resolution 1108 was recommended to boost studies in blockchain innovation to reveal to the Congress how to receive a sensible regulatory method to the establishment’s latest technological development.

The House Resolution 7002 was a suggestion to repair the E-SIGN Act that was made to “affirm the application of blockchain to computerized records, computerized signatures, and smart contracts.”

It is well known globally that the President of the United States; Donald Trump befittingly faces criticisms from everywhere for the majority of his decisions, especially when it comes to his take on immigration and foreign policy. But coming to the emergence of the blockchain technology, he seems really interested in its potential.

The assignment of Mick Mulvaney to the White House by Donald Trump is a very positive move for all cryptocurrency lovers.

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