Binance CEO Confirms XRP Support for TRON & ZCoin

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance recently made a significant move by adding XRP on its platform as a base currency. The trading pairs that are currently available on this platform for XRP are TRON (TRX) and ZCoin (XZC).

The announcement stated that Binance would add the trading pairs of XZC/XRP and TRX/XRP to the new combined ALTS trading market at 11:00 AM (UTC) today.

Binance also reported that ALTS Trading Market is going to be the new name for the Original ETH market, this is because the UI of Binance is running out of space. This market will give support to more trading pairs with quoted currency varieties. This move by Binance to add XRP as a base currency will serve as a significant one in the XRP community.

This Binance XRP announcement has come about after the XRP community put the Coinbase on blast for not adding XRO which is the highest valued altcoin to their platform. Also, several members of the XRP community members have also been asking Binance when they will list XRP as a base pair.

The Chief Executive of Binance answered one of these users with a cryptic and cheeky message telling the user to be careful what they wish for. A number of crypto enthusiasts took this message as a hint that the company as mentioned earlier will list XRP as a base pair.

When the tweet of this announcement went out, the entirety of the cryptocurrency community was in a state of the uproar of sorts with Bitcoin and XRP enthusiasts speaking on it in a state of disbelief and disarray.

What People are Saying About The Announcement

Prominent cryptocurrency advocate, Eric Thies gave his two cents in the form of a joke which accentuated the fact that he isn’t a huge fan of XRP. Several other people like John Dean questioned about the tweet asking if it was an early April fool’s joke. The Chief of Binance responded by saying that posting false messages as jokes is distasteful for him even on April fool’s day.

After the Binance announcement broke, XRP began to surgery, and it’s currently valued at $0.44 which means it moved 11.5%higher after the Binance announcement. Many cryptocurrency optimists believe that XRP will head in short to medium term with regards to the balance that Binance has established in the cryptocurrency market.

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