Canadian Bank VersaBank to Launch Uncheckable Deposit Box for Cryptocurrency

VersaBank which is one of the leading banks in Canada has recently launched a VersaVault which is supposed to be for the use of all cryptocurrency firms which resides in Canada. This vault or deposit box is deemed to be digital and is set to the appeal to all cryptocurrency firms which have a stake in Canada. This new vault as the name implies is set to give their users and crypto firms options when it cones to storage space. It is believed that this new vault is expected to increase the rush of crypto firms in using the services which are offered by the bank.

It is believed that this vault would lead to the increase in the daily trading activities of cryptocurrencies and investments which would be made by various banks and financial institutions. The head of VersaBank David Taylor asserted that they were way ahead of all their competitors due to their advancements in forming the first digital vault. He also revealed that the demo of the digital vaulting was very successful and that they were confident that it would be a hit among the various financial institutions.


Apart from providing adequate storage, it is set to produce the various baking institutions with multi-signature abilities which would be available for both investment and exchange platforms. However, the digital box would not be able to give assess to the client. In other words, the client would not able to look into the vault or digital box. While some people would be very skeptical about this new product, it is believed that a lot of persons have embraced this innovation with open hands.

Wade MacBain who is the bank director of VersaBank asserted that this innovation has already gotten over 200 inquiries as to its availability. It is believed that in less no time, this would be made available to all the institutions.

It is believed that this would be a major innovation and change in the way that crypto firms would trade and invest in the various cryptocurrencies. VersaBank is aiming to massively expand their reach and include the various crypto firms. It remains to be said the outcome of this new development. As inquiries keep on flooding in, there is bound to customer reviews as to the quality of the new VersaBank digital box.

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