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Startup companies can use ICO to raise capital for their business. ICO’s can allow startups to bypass regulatory compliance and intermediaries like banks, venture capitalists, and stock exchanges. ICO’s can also be used for legal activities like corporate finance and charitable fundraising.

On the flip side, ICO’s can also be used to perpetuate fraudulent activities. Many people have lost money as a result of scammers who use ICOs to execute “pump and dump” schemes – scammers hype up the value of an ICO to generate interest and funding from people only for them to “dump” the coins to make a profit. Most companies and key stakeholders in the financial industry consider ICO’s to be high-risk speculative investments that offer no form of protection for investors

ICO’s are prone to scams and security violations. Less than half of all ICOs last more than four months after the offering. Indeed, almost half of all the ICO’s sold in 2017 had crashed by the first quarter of 2018. Although ICO’s have been plagued with failures and unstable cryptocurrency prices, a record $7 billion was raised from token sales from January–June 2018.

Coin tokens are very common in the cryptocurrency market, and Blockchain watching will do its analysis on emerging ICOs. We will also provide detailed insights into the background of these ICO’s and look into the probability of their success or failure.

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