Blockchain Technology Explained By Alan T. Norman

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

There are so many individuals out there who have several questions to ask about the prominent Blockchain technology. While there are various answers available, the best one can get is embedded in the book written by Alan T. Norman. It is none other than Blockchain Technology Explained: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

While we have heard and read so much about how to invest in cryptocurrencies, it is time to gain knowledge on how the technology that powers Bitcoin and all other altcoins.

This book gives a detailed explanation about Blockchain and will be sure to answer every of your most complex questions concerning the field of Blockchain. It is rated among the best books to learn about innovation.

What to Expect from this Book

You will find loads of questions in this book that pertains utilizing Blockchain in the nearest future and how the technology operates in general.

Different from other books that will instead focus more on how to invest in blockchain’s digital currencies, Norman has focused his writing on explaining how it all works.

Topics Covered in the book

  • What is the exact issue Blockchain resolves?
  • Could the innovation displace institutions such as government and financial institutions all at once?
  • How will Blockchain create trust between strangers?
  • How will Blockchain increase protection for both contracts and transactions?
  • Can Blockchain be utilized outside of finance?

With this book, readers will know what a block is and what the chain entails plus why they are needed when discussing Blockchain. They will get a technical explanation on what really happens inside the Blockchain system

For those confused about the whole mining process, this book is ideal to guide readers through the entire process. More people will be enlightened on the story concerning Bitcoin and if the coin has any known issues.

Not focusing on Bitcoin alone, Norman has gone on to write about the Ethereum platform and smart contracts in this book. Readers will know the number of companies that are utilizing Blockchain, and if there are new technologies that they should be aware of.

Wrap up

All these and many more are the topics you will not find anywhere else but in Norman’s Blockchain technology explained: the ultimate beginner’s guide.

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