Cryptogirl is referred to as the first cultivation game that is based on Blockchain technology. The game was created on the 9th of July, 2018. The Cryptogirls are of diverse forms and drafted by prominent Japanese artists. Also, the CEO of CryptoGirl is known as Shen Zhanyu. CryptoGirls’ parent company is DIU Game Studio.

The game was built on the popular Ethereum network. Every fundamental of the game is entirely based on blockchain. This implies that CryptoGirl is not susceptible to the influence of outsiders and the assets of the game cannot be faked. CryptoGirl comprises of an overall asset flow network which includes the following.

  • Trading
  • Equipping
  • Summoning
  • Upgrading
  • Chest opening
  • More

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Features Of CryptoGirl

CryptoGirl basically features two different play modes. They include.

  • PvP Mode

In the PvP Mode, skilled players are allowed to fight one another to increase and ultimately grow their in-game assets. Apparently, this is a format that helps in rewarding gamers who are committed to powering their characters and practically building the character’s in-game strengths.

  • PvE Mode

In PvE Mode, the gamers are motivated to create their very own customized MODs plus plug-ins. They are allowed to either sell or share them to other gamers and also benefit from the profits after sharing.

CryptoGirl entails a unique avatar that is being developed by the prominent Japanese animators named.

  • Ray Ah
  • Fujiko Koko
  • Jiro Tomijoka

About CryptoGirl

In the game, users can purchase and receive CryptoGirl cards, refurbish them and fight with other gamers or the special game bosses. The in-game materials like equipment, pet or property are actually ERC223 tokens with diverse lifetimes and rarity.

The in-game chests of the game are referred to as incubators. They entail several CryptoGirl items and characters. The incubators can only be successfully activated with a unique currency. This currency is regarded as Debris (DBR).

The DBR is made available when gamers break a CryptoGirl card, purchase it from the other players or buy it from the game’s marketplace at the rate of 1 ETH for roughly 1000 DBR. Developers of the game structured the characters to be greatly collectible. Every character is simply based on an ERC21 token.

With the aid of a Mist browser or a Meta mask, individuals can own, upgrade or even trade and fight Cryptogirls as they embark on a search and ultimately fight to take on the last fragment of the public.

Wrap up

Although the Cryptogirl game provides a specific unusual, yet new experience, initial demand opines that the gamers are highly intrigued via the chance to participate in advancing and increasing the gaming universe.

This article is created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation mentioned in this article.

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