EOS Knights

This is a mobile idle RPG Blockchain game that is situated on the platform of EOS. Every action executed by its players is done on smart contracts.

In the game, players must collect materials and craft out items just to make their knights much more powerful.

The game was launched in August 2018 and regarded as a passive game that is played to produce passive income. The co-founder of the game is known as Myeongjin Shin.

EOS knight does not only run on the Blockchain of EOS, but it has also been made available on iOS and Google Play Store. Through iOS, it can be easily downloaded from their official site.

According to one of the team members of EOS Knights, the game is not on their app store since the inside market is not in favor of their policy. They were rejected.

However, the game’s interface is unique plus the artwork is said to be amazing. It operates fast, and the battles, i.e. transactions are carried out in real time.

Play EOS Knights

How To Play The Game

To play EOS Knights, the users will, first of all, have an EOS account plus an extension that is named scatter to allow them to broadcast their transactions straight from browsers. Users are also required to own a fair amount of EOS that is staked as RAM and CPU for a seamless and long lasting period of playing the game.

Playing the game is easy. All you need to do is to control one of the knights and secure the village from an upcoming onslaught by orcs. Players will need to reach the highest floor or level that they can reach. The rules of the game are direct. It includes.

  • Select a hero
  • Fight some evil goblins in diverse locations of the EOS knight universe
  • Attain experience and of course, win items, level up and continue going forward

Gamers are offered three in-game characters. They are.

  • Scarlett, the mage that fights using magic
  • Oria, the Archer that fights with bow and arrows
  • Eric, the knight that fights using a sword

To level up quicker, gamers are demanded to purchase either one or all the three characters.

Wrap up

The game is based on Blockchain technology and created using the EOS Blockchain. EOS knight is an idle RPG for iOS and Android platforms and is rated alongside the first live EOS online games to have been produced.

This article is created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation mentioned in this article.

Play EOS Knights

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