The Etheremon game is a Cryptocurrency game built on the prominent Ethereum network. Basically, the game builds a world of mons wherein users can capture, transform, train, and sell the mons with other users. With the combination of virtual reality technology and Blockchain innovation, Etheremon provides an amazing game experience that no one has ever seen before.

It is the first game universe where users are the actual owners of assets that cannot be stolen or influenced by them. The world of Etheremon is a decentralized world. In this fantastic world, all the values built are owned by the users. Also, Naka Nhu created the game and made its debut in December 2017.

I Want to Play Etheremon

How To Play Etheremon

In Etheremon, the more a user trains their Ether monster via fighting off opponents, the quicker they level up. Each of the monsters can lay eggs and advance into newer species that attain value. Basically, players try their best to gather experience points to change their monster into these unique species.

After that, they can hire or sell them off to other players. The game has about 482 daily users that highly active. Etheremon is regarded as one of the most prominent decentralized application that is ranked highly on Mons can either be bought from Etheremon’s official store or possibly off the market from other Etheremon players or Monseekers.

Different from other Blockchain games that focus on purchasing, breeding and training their in-game characters or the items alone, Etheremon focuses on bringing very interactive gameplay with lots of battle modes for players to basically have fun.

In the process of players having fun playing Etheremon, they are also widening their investment portfolio. This is because;

  • They can sell off their highly-valued Etheremon

The more users train their mons, the more value they are gathering. Players train their mons so they can evolve and lay eggs.

  • They can mine EMONT token

As you play Etheremon, you have the opportunity to mine the in-game virtual currency known as EMONT.

What Is EMONT?

Basically, EMONT is an ERC20 token with a worth of roughly $0.5.  It is the in-game currency of Etheremon. Its supply is just twenty million in the Etheremon universe.

Five percent of the EMONT is kept for the amiable development team, twenty-five percent is kept aside for growth activities in the community, and the remaining seventy percent is steadily rewarded to the Monseekers.

Wrap up

Similar to regular investments, players can start early enough in Etheremon. The first set of Monseekers are allowed to collect more money and trade them off on the marketplace at a value that is highly appreciated.

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I Want to Play Etheremon

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