The prominent Cryptocurrency game known as FishBank is a person to person and player versus player game. It is a game for battling, trading and growing special virtual fishes with an economy that is driven by the community and assets that are immutable. The game was built based on the smart contracts that operate on the Blockchain of Ethereum.

In the game, every one of the fishes is an ERC721 cryptocurrency token that is kept on Ethereum’s Blockchain. A hundred percent of the computerized assets are owned by the players of the game. Nevertheless, it can be controlled exactly like the normal virtual currency and either sold or transferred to any other available player.

This game was built by a development team known as Chat Robotic and was visible on the internet in the early quarters of January 2018.

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Features of FishBank

The vital features of FishBank include.

  • As guaranteed by its Blockchain technology, the assets of the game are owned by the players; 100% ownership
  • Once launched, the games’ economy cannot be changed or influenced
  • The achievement of players can neither be reduced or eliminated
  • The players are allowed to grow special pieces of the fish Cryptocurrency token art
  • It aids in teaching players Cryptocurrency basis
  • The game assets can be sold freely between the players on a universal scale

To play the game, a metamask virtual wallet extension for PC browser is used. Also, individuals can make use of trust wallet or even the Toshi app available in iOS or even Android devices to play the game. However, Ethereum is needed to buy tokens and sign off transactions on the Blockchain of Ethereum.

The price of the crypto fish primarily relies on:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Rarity
  • Weight

Playing The Game

To catch a Cryptocurrency fish in FishBank, one should look at it as trying to catch a fish in the real-life setting. However, another way to get a Cryptocurrency fish token is via purchasing from the other available players.

The fish tokens can also be traded to players on a merged marketplace. Here, the seller gets prices in either Ether or on his or her Ethereum wallet. Roughly 30000 ETH is used in trying to catch a fish token to give the latest whale a birth.

Simply put, in FishBank, players are fighting with Cryptocurrency tokens over a clear and immutable Blockchain. The primary goal is to build a community driven economy that is based on smart contracts. Watch the video below for more insights on how to play FishBank.

Wrap up

FishBank is an online game based on blockchain and enables individuals to purchase, capture, trade, and fight fishes. Tokens used to represent the fish are all Blockchain based, and the players have total ownership of the fish on the game.

This article is created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation mentioned in this article.

I Want to Play FishBank

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