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The Panda Earth game is regarded as a social simulation application that was built on the protocol of ERC721. Created on the 8th of May, 2018, players in this digital world can get pandas from a marketplace, and then proceed to breed the pandas or the ERC721 asset exchange. Nevertheless, the concept behind the game is simply to inspire the conservation of wildlife. It is highly endorsed by the research center for the giant panda and China conservation.

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How to Play Panda Earth

Similar to the prominent Cryptokitties that allowed the breeding of cats on the Blockchain technology, this game enables users to breed pandas instead. A clear difference between the two, however, is that this game is actually not a pseudo Blockchain game that only utilizes Blockchain to hasten transactions. Here, each game is kept on the Blockchain. With this, it will be hard for any form of error to occur.

The game utilizes a highly operational system that is known as the autonomous community ecosystem. With this alone, the ecosystem makes it simple for game players, known as guardians, to merge with themselves and ultimately breed and maintain the Panda. Furthermore, mobile terminals and PCs are hosted by the game. This makes it simple for the guardians to watch over their pandas from any place in the world.

Features Of Panda Earth

The unique features of Panda Earth include.

  • Real Mapping

Through the verification from the giant panda protection research center in China, the team in Panda Earth have gotten free access to the data of genuine pandas. They are kept on the Blockchain network.

  • Special Genetic Algorithm

In Panda Earth, every one of the virtual pandas is special as the platform makes use of a real-world genetic output to make each newly born panda as special as its parents. Moreover, with the team involved, the process is handled through the use of smart contracts visibly and transparently.

  • Pandas are scarce

There are only 1864 giant pandas alive, according to the records from WWF. The major aim of Panda Earth is to protect the pandas. Meanwhile, the guardians will once again have the chance of keeping the virtual versions of the pandas and trade them for real digital currencies since they are highly costly collectibles.

Wrap up

The Panda Earth platform utilizes a non-fungible protocol, i.e. the ERC 721. With it, the exchange of pandas is executed efficiently. Nevertheless, the platform will use smart contracts and side chains for issuing the non-fungible tokens.

This article is created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation mentioned in this article.

I Want to Play Panda Earth

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