Antminer D3

Antminer D3 which is prominently known as the D3 Antminer is the most effective miner of DASH. This fascinating machine validates all DASH transactions, and users earn whichever transaction fee that is charged by the Blockchain of DASH.

Mining of DASH provides individuals with a decent income, and the equipment is a standalone unit that simply needs to be linked to power and the internet. Basically, the Antminer D3 is ASIC miner for the X11 algorithm for mining.

The machine is packaged exactly like every other Antminer models. This machine is yet another sturdy ASIC miner from the prominent Bitmain. It is easy to use, highly compatible and has a quality build. Generally, DASH is regarded as the third major Cryptocurrency that But main generates ASIC miners for.

About BitMain

Generally, BitMain is arguably rated as the most trusted and prominent digital currency miner manufacturing company available in the market. The company is known to be highly diligent, customer focused, and their products are of high quality.

They have a vast range of mining rig models and not for Bitcoin or DASH alone but quite a number of virtual currencies. This alone makes their large reach in the market the biggest and most influential.

Power Supply

Some of the miners come with an in-built power supply, and there are others that are not really equipped and will need the user to purchase a separate one. However, the Antminer D3 is among those that need a decent power supply that can power the device before work is carried out with it.

Hash Rate & Power Consumption

The issued hash rate of D3-19.3G is actually 19.3G. However, after much testing carried out by miners, the current hash rate of D3-19.3G is 19.41GH/S. While its consumption is about 1278W, its efficiency is said to be 65.8W/G.

Back in 2017, October 24th, Dash coin was valued at 1940 RMB. A unit of A3 mining carried out for a day, i.e., 24hours can produce 0.067 Dash coin. This is 130 RMB. As for the electricity cost, it revolves around 9.2 RMB daily and the profit for a day is 120 RMB.

Meanwhile, the Antminer D3 consumes an overall amount of 1200 W and is quite moderate on the power rating scale.


There are diverse factors that contribute to the price of certain products. Most of the major ones center on availability, demand and the complete performance of the exact product.

If a product should operate excellently, it is simply natural that the demand for the product will go higher and so the prices will rise.

For the Antminer D3, the price goes for $119. It is one of the most expensive miners available in the market. The amount for the equipment is on the high side because it has been proven that Dash coins are highly effective and profitable.

Wrap up

The Antminer D3 is designed by the exact team that creates the globe’s most power effective ASIC chips for the mining of Bitcoin. Every Antminer D3 makes use of 180 chips to deliver much more hash rate plus efficiency than other former miners available.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation or product mentioned in this article.

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