Antminer S5

The Antminer S5 is the second latest version of the Antminer series from BitMain technology. It is regarded as one of the swiftest and most effective ASIC miners that is available and is a powerful contender to spoondoolies-tech SP20.

However, this S5 should be highly considered by miners who are on a budget and practically have no interest to transmogrify electricity into bitcoins. It has a low power demand of about 590 watts and highly fit for experimentation and learning.

Power Supply

Basically, the Antminer S5 is a machine that will operate without problems using any ATX power supply unit that is sufficiently powered. With this, you can make use of the power supply from your old time PC or the second-hand unit owned by somebody else.

All these can be reused for the mining of Bitcoin. The power supply efficiency of the Antminer S5 is rated as; Gold (10 percent of electricity wasted), Silver (20 percent wasted) and finally, Bronze (30percent wasted).

Meanwhile, for every o.51 watts being consumed, the S5 will generate 1 Giga hash. The real power of the S5 consumption will vary depending on your PSU efficiency and its ambient temperature.

However, when the frequency is increased, the S5’s hash rate can be upgraded. But, this will increase the miner’s power and the requirements needed for cooling.


Based on relevant information, the CoinWarz’ Bitcoin mining calculator can be useful for computing the profitability of every Bitcoin miner. By using it, the CoinWarz will instantly input the current BTC-USD cost, complexities and block incentives.

Meanwhile, the block incentives will be split by half into 12.5BTC for each block resolved. It is advisable to join a pool for you to see any Bitcoin from a distinct S5. 

This is due to the fact that the possibility of mining a block all using either one or more S5s is zero. So, it is not profitable. In situations whereby the Bitcoin price is to double to an all-time high if another $1400, the returns will still stay negative. However, if the cost of your electricity is below 10c, it would break even at the recent price of $700.

So, if the Bitcoin cost is higher then power will be cheap, complexity is balanced, and there is an adjustment to enhance efficiency, then it is possible to profit from either a brand new or used S5.


The cost of the Antminer S5 ranges from $190 to $299. To purchase a second hand it a used Antminer S5, you can get it on either Amazon or eBay. However, a brand new S5 is available for $413.

To Wrap it Up

Justifying the price of purchasing a new S5 is quite unlikely because it barely generates profit. However, a cheap yet second-hand S5 that is in good condition is adequate to use in learning the tricks and ropes of mining Bitcoin.

It allows users to see a reduced cost introduction to the difficult but of mining Bitcoin. To experiment with firmware, software and hardware tweaks, Antminer S5 is your sure bet.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation or product mentioned in this article.

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