Antminer S9

This is a powerful Bitcoin miner, and at the same time smaller than the majority of the portable boom boxes you know. The Antminer S9 makes use of 189 BM1387 chip to deliver hash rates and efficiencies than any other Bitcoin miner that is in existence.

The current miniaturization of semiconductors enables bigger computing power plus electrical effectiveness.

An important boost on the 28mm design that is regular to other modern devices for mining is the 16nm fabrication procedure that is utilized in the manufacture of Antminer S9.

Some of the interesting features of the Antminer S9 includes.

  • Power Supply

A fascinating thing about the S9 is that the power supplies that exist are those of adequate wattage and they are completely compatible with the Antminer S9. There are some equipment that can be used with the S9, and they include the Antminer APW-12 1600 watt Bitcoin miner PSU and the EVGA supernova 1300 watt GPU PSU.

  • Profitability

When compared to older devices that were crammed into the silicon, S9 actually has more hashing power. The hashing power is a huge 14 TH/s, i.e., 14 TeraHash per second. In cases whereby a miner is mining alone, a distinct unit is highly unlikely to discover any block via even though the S9 is very strong.

However, when mining with a minute pool, the pool will decide the pool fees. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin to dollar price is notoriously known for its flexibility. Basically, the Antminer S9 will yield 0.285BTC per $159 monthly and 3.36BTC per $1939 yearly.

Therefore, the return on investment is a little above a year. This is supposing every factor stays the same for an impressive result even though it is unlikely due to the volatility of Bitcoin.

  • Power Consumption

Antminer S9 is among the most electrically effective devices for mining to this day because of its cutting edge manufacturing process. It makes use of a simple 0.1 joules per Giga hash, and this makes it about 2.5 times much more effective than the Antminer S7.

The overall power consumption of the device operates around 1350 watts though it is subjected to roughly seven percent variance. It consumes about 300 W higher than the S7.

  • Price

It is placed on a suitable price of about $150 on Amazon. Meanwhile, if you make use of a low electricity cost, then your odds are way better than that of the miner that pays for itself within a suitable period.

While one may want to judge value, it is a difficult exercise, and it would seem that in the near future nothing technologically powerful to the Antminer S9 will be likely launched.

However, major miners that move to the S9, the resultant complexity goes higher and weakens the profitability of the future.

Contrarily, the profitability may increase as a result of having that might bring to light an increased Bitcoin cost and decrease the competition.

Wrap up

Antminer S9 is a powerful piece of hardware. While its return on investment cannot be guaranteed due to the volatility of Bitcoin mining, it may likely stay profitable for a long time frame than the older ASIC miners

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