innosilicon s11

Generally, Innosilicon is an expert ASIC R&D manufacturer that has products covering diverse fields in the globe currently. The largest advantage of the Innosilicon S11 SiaMaster is its increased hash rate and minimum power consumption.

Innosilicon S11 is a Cryptocurrency miner that is being manufactured from the prominent Innosilicon Company that is utilized in mining Siacoin (SC). Miners will make use of Blake2B algorithm to execute all its operations.

There are other features to look out for in the Innosilicon S11 which includes.

  • Hash Rate

The miner will have a hash rate of 3.83TG/s that has a variance of +/-8%. It is 4.7 times higher than the hash rate of the majority of the miners available in the market. Innosilicon S11 high hash rate practically results in a reduced power usage when it is being used in operations and therefore leads to the reduced cost of electricity.

  • Power Consumption

This machine has reduced power consumption when used in mining operations. This consumption is 1380 watts, and it varies by about 8%. This power consumption is during the regular mode at the wall.

Basically, this results in a 93 percent efficiency when the power supply unit is being used, i.e., the energy efficiency ratio and has a 25 degree Celsius temperature. However, this makes the miner a much more effective alternative as it makes use of 0.352 joules per Giga hash.

  • Technology

Innosilicon S11 is created using the S11 Sia Master ASIC chip type innovation. Basically, this technology results in the miner being crucially balanced and this, decreases the cost that will be incurred when the operation is being carried out.

Meanwhile, this gives an increased return on investment when compared to the other miners available in the industry.

  • Profitability

This miner has much more hash rate when placed in comparison with the other equipment in the market. This is 3.83TH/s meaning 3.83TeraHash/second. Its profits are estimated via the hash rate.

The miner can nonetheless generate $48.70 daily and $1460.89 monthly plus $17530.70 yearly in the form of profits.

Its profits are way higher than what every other equipment in the market can generate for its users. So you could say that the profitability of the Innosilicon S11 gets a high score.

  • Temperature

Innosilicon S11 operates at a humidity of roughly 5-95 percent with a temperature of 0 degree Celsius to 85 degree Celsius. This is the optimal temperature for operations, and it actually makes it simpler to maintain and dependability in its operations.

  • Setup

It makes use of Ethernet to interface with other available nodes. It is easier when compared to the other methods. Basically, Innosilicon provides after sales back up for its users in the case whereby they need help in setting up and maintaining the equipment.

  • Power Supply

Innosilicon can make use of any power supply unit that practically has enough watts. It recommends power supply units that are actually customized to fit the requirements of the users of this miner.

  • Price

The price of Innosilicon S11 SiaMaster is $1500 on Amazon.

Wrap up

These are some of the features and ultimately advantages of the miner that makes it a worthwhile investment for people in the Cryptocurrency mining industry that will like to mine the Siacoin.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation or product mentioned in this article.

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