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Keepkey prides itself as the most advanced and security conscious Bitcoin hardware wallet in the world. This hardware wallet is designed in such a way that users do not have to worry about physical and virtual theft. What this means is that with this hardware wallet, you do not have to worry about your device being stolen. Like most of the hardware wallets, Keepkey seeks to provide users with access to the world’s leading crypto or digital assets. The sophisticated nature of this hardware wallet has made most people refer to it as a miniature computer that was designed specifically for the purpose of storing the private keys of users.

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Rating 4.0 / 5


  • The hardware wallet has top-notch security mechanisms that make it impossible for either viruses nor hackers to get access to your private keys
  • It has the same security features as the Trezor hardware wallet
  • It has an impressive and attractive design
  • OLED display that makes the device easier to make use of
  • Provides users the opportunity to store the leading crypto assets
  • It is quite affordable at the same time offering great features


  • No web wallet
  • Users will be required to adds like MultiBit and Electrum that may compromise the security
  • Users cannot save the set-up process

Price $99

KeepKey supported coins

When it comes to the number of cryptocurrencies that keepkey supports and can be stored on the Keepkey hardware wallet, they are way behind the hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and the Trezor wallet. This is an important feature that the developers should not overlook. This wallet allows its users to store the following crypto assets;

There have been several reports that the developers of this hardware wallet are planning to list more cryptocurrencies that could be stored. If this is done, it will definitely impact the success growth of the wallet.


This hardware wallet was launched in 2015 and since then, it has been keen on providing users with one of the most secure environments for the storing of their coins. Like the Trezor wallet, Keepkey is a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet that can be referred to as a mini computer that has been developed primarily for the storing of private keys. This hardware wallet is currently the lastest hardware wallet to hit the market. The Keepkey hardware since 2017 has been the property of Shapeshift. This company enables users of this hardware device to exchange cryptos without having their private keys exposed. Asides from storing coins, the Keepkey wallet offers its users the opportunity to exchange cryptos amongst themselves.


This wallet like every other hardware wallet is secure. Certain top-notch security features have been added to ensure further security. While setting up this device, users will be required to input a PIN. This PIN will ensure that no one other than themselves and authorized persons can make use of the device.

According to the developers of this hardware wallet, a system called “bank-grade” security has been integrated into the wallet. While focusing on security, the Keepkey wallet is designed in such a way that even your grandmother can conveniently use the wallet to store her Bitcoins. Also, the price of the wallet makes it ideal for users looking for wallets that combine value and security. Unlike most of the other hardware wallets, the Keepkey wallet offers users the opportunity to add additional words to their recovery sentence.

All private keys are stored on the hardware device. This wallet makes use of the 2nd screen protection system that Trezor makes use of. This protection system makes the hardware wallet immune to keystroke spying. See the image below for an overview of the key features of the KeepKey hardware wallet.

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Keepkey - Hardware Wallet Features

KeepKey get started

Like the other hardware wallets, setting up the Keepkey wallet is quite easy and straightforward. Users will have to simply connect the device to their computers. After that, they will be required to download two separate chrome applications. One will be for generating a wallet while the other would be for connecting to the Keepkey wallet via Chrome.

The sleek design and the digital animation makes the user experience feel more amazing than that of the other hardware wallets. Also, this hardware wallet is quite durable. Although this wallet has certain impressive features, it is not portable. It cannot be carried about in your pocket like the Ledger Nano S and the Trezor wallet.

Interestingly, this hardware device comes with all the standard Bitcoin hardware features like Firmware updates etc. Generally, the setup procedure for this hardware is easy and has even been laid out in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) column of the website.

What Is In The Box

This hardware wallet is heavier and larger than the Ledger and the Trezor wallet combined. When you get this hardware wallet, you will definitely notice the effort and time that was put into the design and packaging of the product. The number of hardware wallets sold on certain websites has made it imperative that each box is well sealed to prevent tampering.

Unboxing this hardware wallet is actually fun, the unboxing experience is far better than that of the Ledger and Trezor wallets combined. Some of the items you will see in the box include;

  • The not so large Keepkey hardware wallet
  • USB cable that will be used to connect the device to your computer
  • A leather case to keep your recovery card
  • A recovery card

This wallet emphasizes the importance of storing the recovery card in a safe place, this is why a leather case was added.


You will have to install software like the MultiBit and the Electrum to make use of this wallet

Mobile Support/ Application

This wallet can be accessed through the Google Chrome Browser.

Wrap up

The Keepkey hardware wallet is impressive, it seeks to offer users top-notch security while offering them a functional and easy to use the system.

This article was created for the sole purpose of informing the user. In no way is there any partnership or collaboration with the organisation, product or service mentioned in this article.

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