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Since its inception, there have been a lot of misconceptions and fake information surrounding cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

This virtual currency which was first debuted in 2009 has since given way for other types of cryptocurrencies to emerge. The technology behind these digital currencies is called Blockchain technology. This technology is basically a record-keeping ledger that helps build trust during a transaction and eliminates the need for a third party.

What Will you be Getting?

In this section, we at Blockchain Watching will be introducing you to videos which consist of top news stories about cryptocurrency, exchanges, wallets, cryptocurrency regulations, and cryptocurrency prices. We will be bringing you breaking news videos just as they arrive to keep you up to date with all trending topics concerning cryptocurrency.

This news video page will also provide reports on new coins as they are debuted. Blockchain Watching will provide quality news on these coins, failure or success of their ICO and other services. There are different types of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market with each of them having features that are unique. We at Blockchain Watching will deliver news videos on all exchanges to keep you up to date with the ones leading the pack and the ones not doing too good.

As the popularity of cryptocurrency and all things related continues to increase, the governments’ agitation towards them increases also. In this news page, we will provide updated reports on various governments as they set to regulate the use of cryptocurrency in their countries. Different types of cryptocurrency wallets exist and detailed videos reviewing the various wallets will be provided. In addition, top news stories about them as they emerge.

Initial coin offerings are essential features associated with cryptocurrencies as this is a way for these cryptocurrency companies to source for funds through crowdfunding. Most of the time, these ICO’s are successful while other times they aren’t. In this Blockchain watching video news page, we will provide current news on the status of new and existing ICOs. Fraudulent activities associated with ICO’s have also become a problem in the crypto-community and we at Blockchain Watching will give you updates on various ICO frauds as they are uncovered.