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Since Bitcoin’s inception over 2000 other cryptocurrencies or Altcoins has emerged. This decentralized virtual currency does not operate with interference from third parties such as the government or bank. The Blockchain technology on which cryptocurrency operates on helps to build trust as several networks of computers have to verify all transactions before they are pulled through.

How are Bitcoins Generated?

Bitcoins are generated through a process known as Bitcoin mining and during this procedure, the miners solve various Bitcoin transaction encryptions using supercomputers. Bitcoins can be traded through various methods and it can be used as a payment option for purchasing items as well.

Bitcoin exchanges are a safer way to trade cryptocurrencies as compared to the other ways. There are different types of exchange platforms with each of them having distinct features. Most of these exchanges like Binance need the trader to have Bitcoin before they can trade other coins. The peer-to-peer network on which Bitcoin operates on eliminates the need for third-parties.

The prices of Bitcoins, as well as other cryptocurrencies, are known to fluctuate as a result of various factors and you will find the news here first. We will also take a look into the cryptocurrency market chart to uncover the coins that are topping the chart and those that are not doing so well.

Bitcoin’s transparent and speed features amongst other qualities make it stand out from other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s value essentially affects the value of other cryptocurrencies and on this page, we will give detailed video reports on the value of Bitcoin according to the cryptocurrency market. There are various disadvantages of Bitcoin but they haven’t deterred the value of this coin. The disadvantages include the transaction processing time of Bitcoin, price volatility, energy consumption, less security, and many others.

Countries against Bitcoin

Several countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Bolivia, Iraq, and others have gone as far as outlawing the use of Bitcoin in these countries. Various other countries such as China are taking several steps to regulate its use and many experts believe these regulations and legalities play a role in the volatility of Bitcoin prices.

On this Bitcoin video news page, you can get all trending topics related to Bitcoin from regulation to prices. You will find top video news stories concerning Bitcoin on this page. Visit our video page to watch other blockchain and crypto related videos.