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Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (popularly referred to as Altcoins). This technology was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudo group or person behind Bitcoin as the technology behind cryptocurrency. Although Blockchain was created for the main purpose of cryptocurrency, its application surpasses that.

Embracing the World of Blockchain

For now, only cryptocurrency related companies have embraced the use of Blockchain but its application surpasses that. Various financial institutions are rethinking their practices and looking for ways to implement the use of Blockchain technology into their processes. In this video news page, we will provide you with detailed video reports on Blockchain updates.

We at Blockchain Watching will report on the different industries adopting the use of Blockchain technology in their operations and the strides they are making as a result. Several industries such as healthcare, real estate, government, banking, and many others all have the opportunity to use Blockchain technology to get to the next level.

What Should you Expect?

Now, there are a lot of big names in the blockchain community who put out videos regularly to talk about the world of blockchain. For example, Marc Andereesen, well-known for co-creating Mosaic, the first ever web browser, and also as one of the early adopters of Bitcoin. His firm is also known to continuously make huge investments on bitcoins. Plus, he is also the writer of ‘Why Bitcoin Matters’. A popular New York Times article that glorified the value of bitcoin.

Another video you’re likely to come across on this page is from Alex Tapscott who is currently the CEO of Northwest Passage Ventures, which is an advisory firm that builds top blockchain businesses. He is also the co-author ‘Blockchain Revolution’ and the author of numerous articles featured in TIME, Toronto Star, Quarts, Fortune, and many others.

There are many other names you’re going to come across on this page. And while articles might be good, watching these individuals on your screen can be a lot more educative and insightful.

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