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Cryptocurrency existed as far back as the ’80s but they didn’t get much public notice or approval until the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Since Bitcoin’s emergence, other cryptocurrencies (popularly referred to as Altcoins) has grown substantially. Over 800 altcoins have debuted since Bitcoin’s emergence in 2009.

The use of Blockchain technology is critical to the understanding of what cryptocurrency is and in video news page, we at Blockchain Watching will provide video reports on all things cryptocurrency related. With the Blockchain transaction backing cryptocurrency, there is no need for a third-party or government body to verify transactions as this technology helps to build trust.

Because of increased popularity and demand of cryptocurrencies, there has been widespread concern regarding the absence of regulations binding this sector. Matters concerning tax evasion, money laundering, and cyber-crimes have also become a cause for concern by the various governments.

Some countries have banned cryptocurrency trading while others have banned the use of cryptocurrency completely. The status of cryptocurrency legally differs from country to country as there are some countries willing to adopt its use and there are those that are indifferent.

The part Cryptocurrency Mines Play

Cryptocurrency miners play a very important role as they are one of the determining factors affecting the value of these coins in the crypto market. Cryptocurrency mining is an essential aspect of Blockchain maintenance, transaction verification, and Blockchain block addition.

In this video news page, we will provide detailed and current video news reports on the different Altcoins both emerging and current ones.  Cryptocurrencies are basically volatile as their prices rise and fall significantly. We at Blockchain Watching will provide reports on their prices as well as their current market values. These Altcoins all have different applications slightly different from that of Bitcoin. Ethereum makes use of Blockchain technology to develop decentralized applications.

On Blockchain Watching, you can expect to get all the latest video updates concerning companies, banks, and governments that have begun to adopt cryptocurrency. We will also give top updates on rules and regulations taxed on cryptocurrency by various governments. News reports on cryptocurrency crimes will also be readily available on this page.

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